Woof Wear: A Brand with Proven History


A popular brand in both the UK and the US, Woof Wear was started in 1981 by Louise Woof. Pioneering the first brushing boot to be made of neoprene, the “Woof Boot”, this was a major innovation compared to the traditional leather boots of the time. Now, horses could be protected with boots that were light, durable, and easy to care for, improving the experience for both horse and rider.

Continued Success: Trust and Innovation

For more than forty years, Woof Wear has continued to be at the forefront of equestrian protection. Their products are valued by leisure riders to professionals and are even used by police forces across the UK. They produce the UK’s best-selling general-purpose brushing boot that continues to be popular throughout Europe and the US.


Design and development are at the heart of Woof Wear offering products that can be a staple in your tack room for years to come. Embracing the latest technology from different sporting disciplines, they strive to provide the best possible protection for your horse. They take great care to ensure that every product meets tough international quality standards while still being affordable for every equestrian.

Woof Wear Vision Line: Elegance Meets Performance


The newest line from Woof Wear, the Vision Line, combines luxurious satin fabrics with embroidered designs inspired by Southern European Artisans. Crafted with the horse in mind, the Vision saddle pads, ear bonnet, and polo wraps feature technical materials designed for the rigors of everyday training and performance. This stunning line is available in a wide array of color options so you can your steed can stand out from the crowd.


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