Why BloqUV?


Everyone loves to have fun in the sun, but we often forget the consequences that the sun has on our skin. Scientific research has proven that UV exposure can increase the chance of skin cancer, premature aging, and other skin damage. Furthermore, skin cancer is one of the most common and fastest growing forms of cancer in the United States, as one in every five Americans will develop skin cancer in their life. (Skin Cancer Foundation)

In efforts to combat her own skin damage, BloqUV was created by an outdoor enthusiast who saw a need in the market for cute, fashion-forward UV protection that could service all outdoor activities. Perfect for riding, jogging, swimming, or even just wearing around town, BloqUV Apparel provides the best sun protection in a lightweight and breathable design.

Why Choose BloqUV?

As equestrians, our goal is to spend as much time with our furry friends as possible. Long days at the barn include grooming, riding, bathing, cleaning tack, setting fences, and the list goes on and on. However, this means that riders spend the majority of their time outdoors. And although we would much rather spend money on our four-legged friends rather than ourselves, BloqUV offers an affordable way to keep riders protected while enjoying the outdoor activities they love.

When it comes to coverage, it is important to remember that not all articles of clothing were created equal, and even wearing a plain t-shirt can only block 5% of the sun's rays. BloqUV is created from a proprietary fabric that is endowed with a minimum Ultraviolet Protection Factor 50 that blocks 98% UVA/UVB rays. The fabric's protection is chemical-free and inherent to the material, meaning that it can never be washed off during laundering. Also, all BloqUV materials are tested in accordance with the American Association of Textile Chemist and Colorist, ensuring the wearer peace of mind while they go about their day.


BloqUV is perfect for land or sea sports (Yes, you can even swim in it!)

Katie on BloqUV

When I'm not in the office, you can find me spending time with my pony, pounding the pavement around town, or hiking our lovely San Luis Obispo trails. With all these outdoor activities, I never really thought much about protecting my skin. I, along with most people in California, appreciate a healthy tan and typically try to wear less protective clothing when the weather is nice.

However, lately I've noticed more freckling and white spots developing on my forearms and face, and I became concerned that my "skincare regime"- which includes throwing some SPF moisturizer on my face in the morning- wasn't doing enough. After speaking with my Esthetician, she explained that those white spots were from excessive sun exposure. But to my luck, we had just received our shipment of BloqUV shirts and sleeves. I thought, "If this isn't a better time to try a UV protective shirt, I don't know when is."

Initially, I had my reservations about the crop top. I couldn't quite get over the "crop top" style; however, everything changed when I put it on. The fabric felt like silk against my skin while its lightweight design made me feel like I wasn't even wearing it. I was further impressed with how it performed when I took it on a run. It's no secret, I sweat a ton. However, the breathable material didn't overheat me, and I found that I was comfortable the entire time I was running. (Even though some sweating did occur!)

As for the crop styling, I soon got over my hesitation. I love to run in tank tops, so the BloqUV Zip Up was an easy addition to my running attire. It even transferred over to my riding ensemble, as I found it a nice change up from my long sleeve sun shirts. Even with both activities, the BloqUV top moved with me, kept me cool, and most importantly, protected my skin from the sun.

bloquv 2.jpg

One of my favorite aspects about the BloqUV Crop Top is the extended hand sleeves with thumb holes! They offer additional coverage and don't get in the way of tacking up.

bloquv 4.jpg

The full-zip top allows you to wear it multiple ways! Fully zipped for maximum protection or unzipped for a more casual look.

bloquv 1.jpg

The back of the BloqUV top is a little loose, which offers freedom of movement during activities.

Care and Maintenance

Although the super soft material made me fall head over heels for the BloqUV full-zip top, it does have some downfalls. The fabric, especially at the seams, is very delicate and should be treated with some caution. Velcro, or anything sticky, is very harsh on the seams- which I experienced while putting my horse's boots on! Therefore, I am very careful about objects/materials that would cause the top to snag or pull at the seams.

For laundering, it washes easily with other clothing. However, due to its quick drying properties, it only needs to be in the dryer for a few minutes or it can be laid out to air-dry. I love this feature because I rarely get multiple wears from one article of clothing. I love that I can wash it, lay it out to dry, and it will be ready for my next adventure!


BloqUV tops come in multiple colors so you can mix and match with your tanks and short sleeves

BloqUV Styles

BloqUV is not only available in crop tops, but are offered in a popular pull-on sleeve! With the same great extended hand coverage, these sleeves stand out among the rest with their silicone grip at the top of the sleeve. This prevents the sleeve from sliding down during your ride, run, or anything in-between.

A popular choice for Endurance riders during hot summer rides, the sleeves can easily be paired with your favorite tank or short sleeve top!


BloqUV Sleeves have a great silicone lining at the top to prevent slippage.
Thanks for tuning into the BloqUV review, I hope you take a chance and buy the best sun protection on the market today! For more information, check us out at www.ridingwarehouse.com.
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