Tucker Saddlebags Review: Durability Redefined

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Tucker has just released several new saddlebags and we couldn’t wait to put them to the test! Thoughtfully designed, these bags are crafted with a durable, water-resistant shell, roomy compartments, and a fleece-lined, foam-padded base for your horse’s comfort. Available in the “Day Tripper” and “Adventurer” lines, Tucker offers different size and style options to suit any trail enthusiast’s needs. RW crew member Alison and her mom Beverly recently gave the Tucker Day Tripper Cantle Bag a go, read on to hear their thoughts!


Crew member Alison gave the newly released Tucker Day Tripper Cantle Bag a try.

“The Tucker Day Tripper Cantle Bag has many roomy pockets that you can take advantage of to hold all of your gear on the trail! Each pocket has a large compartment, then another smaller compartment in the front. The buckle straps on the middle section are very handy for keeping your jacket secure. While there are no water bottle holders, the middle pocket is large enough to accommodate a moderately-sized water bottle. I would recommend one with a tight and secure lid, as the water bottle would be laying on its side—best to avoid any water leakage if you can!'


Perfect for a water bottle and other trail necessities, the Day Tripper bag is compact yet roomy.

'I did have a slight issue with initially attaching the bag, as the buckle closure was too wide to fit through the front D-ring of my SR Endurance saddle. I improvised and simply attached the strap around my saddle rigging system for the duration of our ride; however, the strap can still attach to the front D-ring by unthreading the strap from the buckle, putting it through the D-ring, then threading it back through the buckle. It just takes a bit of hand strength!'


Alison attached this strap to her saddle's rigging system since it wouldn't fit through the ring.

'The bag itself is lightweight but made of quality materials and hardware. There was hardly any bouncing at all, and the bag barely touched my horse with how slim it is. Overall, I think the Tucker Day Tripper Cantle Bag is a wonderful product!” -Alison, RW Customer Service Rep


Alison lent the Tucker Day Tripper Cantle Bag to her mom, also an avid rider, to test out as well!

“I found the Tucker Day Tripper Cantle Saddle Bag colors very sporty and liked the strong water-resistant material as it feels as it will hold up for a long time on the trail. The saddlebags were new and did not experience cleaning, but looks like they would wash up easily. Their pockets are large and roomy so I can carry many trail items including a slip-on boot, saw, clippers, first aid kit, and more. The pockets are even large enough for a 14 oz bottle! I also found the zippers to be easy to open and close on my horse.'


Beverly found that she could fit all of her essentials in this saddlebag!

'The one issue I did have with these saddlebags was that the attachment buckles to the saddle were large, so they did not fit through my d-rings on my saddle, but I came up with two solutions. One is to slide that strap through the girth and the other is to remove the buckle, slide the strap through the D-ring, and reattach the buckle. Overall, I feel this is a well-made product and would recommend it to my horse friends!” -Beverly, RW Customer

Shop Tucker Saddlebags at RidingWarehouse.com. Happy trails!
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