Tips and Tricks for Grooming Muddy Steeds


Does your horse love to wallow in grime? Roll about in the filthiest corner of their otherwise cozy abode? Don’t worry - you’re not alone!

We asked our Riding Warehouse Facebook followers for their favorite tips for cleaning muddy horses and we received some great answers. Read on to learn about our favorite grooming items for fighting the muck.


Mud Be Gone!

A wide range of grooming implements were touted as favorite tools for the task. Mud removal favorites include metal or rubber curries, shedding blades, grooming blocks, damp towels, and hose-offs. We’ve found these common items to be successful on our own herd as well, but here are some more creative ways to remove caked-on mud from your horse:

  • “An old horseshoeing rasp works great.” -Glenn H.
  • “Hard plastic round curry with a built-in shedding blade used by cattle people at country fairs. Works as good or better than Furminator and costs less than $10. I use a jelly grooming pad (little bump side) on the legs. None of this works unless the horse is dry. If he’s wet I wait until another day.” -Sue R.
  • “Let her dry completely and then turn her out in the dry grass field or the sand round pen during a hot day. She’ll get the majority of it off with some good rolls. Then a good bath and body clip for future prevention.” -Melissa G.
  • “I like a rubber loofa wash mitt for his leg. It easily wraps around and gets the mud off!” -Marge S.
  • “For mud balls in the mane/tail, squeeze them with a pair of pliers to break them apart. Warm water and a rubber curry for the rest of the body.” -Janis T.
  • “Vaseline. Apply to legs prior to going out. Just use a thin layer. The rest is history!” -Jaki M.
Keep in mind, depending on your weather and bug conditions, your mud-loving horse could be trying to tell you he or she is being tormented by insects. Some equine bug repellent options may be the best investment for your horse’s health and comfort, and for your aching arms and back after those long curry sessions.

We hope these mud removal horse grooming tips help you out this spring. Some of us have our work cut out for us during the muddy season. Our equine friends are sure worth the effort though! We thought this response was worth a laugh:

“I have to blanket my old grey “pig” or he is soooooo disgusting. The mud won’t come off until his long yak fur falls out. His horse blankets are so coated in mud they can stand up by themselves!” -Sally T.


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