The Crew Reviews Leather New Total Care


If you often find yourself stuck between "I need to clean my tack" and "I just don't have time", Farnam's Leather New Total Care 2in1 might just be the solution for you! A convenient cream formula makes for easy application (sans water!), that leaves leather clean and conditioned. Color-safe and mess-free, the crew couldn't wait to give this product a try. Hear their feedback below!


“Leather New Total Care has become my go-to daily cleaner! I love the creamy formula because it doesn’t require water, so I can wipe down my tack quickly before putting it away. I have found that it is great for boots and bridles because it wipes off that daily grime without drying out the leather. It doesn’t darken the leather, plus it leaves my tack with a light shine. I can attest that using Leather New Total Care cleans AND conditions, extending the lifetime of my treasured leather goods!” -Josey, Marketing


Josey's schooling bridle has seen better days, but Leather New Total Care gives it new life.

“The Leather New Total Care is a great all-purpose leather cleaner that helps lessen cleaning time as it is a two-in-one. I really liked the dispenser top since most leather cleaners need to be squeezed or sprayed, but you can simply leave the bottle upright and press for more formula - making the bottle and your hands less greasy! This cleaner also doesn't have a super-strong scent, and it buffs in without leaving a greasy residue behind. The Leather New Total Care has become my new favorite leather product!” -Alison, Customer Service


Alison's trail saddle gleams after a good cleaning with Leather New 2in1.

"I've been a fan of the Leather New spray for years and I like the Leather New Total Care even more! The mousse-like formula easily rubs into leather without dripping, which is perfect since I use it on my car seats. It helps get out grime (or dog drool in my case) and leaves the leather soft and conditioned with a smooth finish." -Cheyenne, Web Content


It's not just for tack! Cheyenne put it to the test on her leather car seats.

“With a full-time job, a horse, and a rigid exercise program, I have very little time to clean my tall boots- let alone give them a deep clean. That's why I love the Leather New Total Care because it cleans, conditions, and shines in one easy step. It can take my beat-up tall boots and get them looking spiffy in under 5 minutes. That's my kind of leather cleaner!” -Katie, Web Content


The verdict is in, the crew recommends you give Farnam Leather New Total Care a try! Shop today at Happy riding (and tack cleaning)!