The CeeCoach System: Don't Miss a Word


You’re cantering past your trainer and see their mouth moving but can’t hear the words coming out. Whether it’s a windy day or you’re in a crowded warmup arena, we’ve all dealt with those rides where you just can’t get tuned in to your instructor. Designed to help you make the most out of every lesson, the CeeCoach system ensures you don’t miss a word.

Promising reliable communication even over long distances, the CeeCoach system boasts Bluetooth technology to connect the trainer and student’s devices. Simply pair the devices that will be used in the lesson (up to six total devices) and off you go! Each small rectangular CeeCoach has three easy-to-use buttons that can be operated even with riding gloves on. Listen in on wired stereo headphones or use wireless Bluetooth earbuds for freedom in the tack.

CeeCoach allows for both one-way and two-way communication between trainer and student and the modes can be easily switched throughout the course of a lesson. You can even pair the CeeCoach with your phone to take live steam lessons when your trainer isn’t on-site. Perfect for all disciplines of riding, this system is sure to be appreciated by students and trainers alike. Hear some first-hand feedback on CeeCoach below!

"The CeeCoach system is a life-changing tool" -Ava, Customer, Jumpers and Dressage


“The CeeCoach system is a life-changing tool. As a hard of hearing rider, being able to hear my trainer or friends while I ride means I have to turn into stop and chat. CeeCoach makes it so easy to hear your coach because the two devices stream directly to each other, with crystal clear audio, easy to use technology and it's a very streamlined process. I really love the fact that I can use a set of over-ear headphones and put them under my helmet, and I'll still be able to hear! They come with a set of earbuds and some other bits and bobs too! It really helps me to be able to hear my instructor reading a dressage test, helping me navigate a course, and teaching me the entire time. It feels like they're right next to me, even though they might be all the way across the arena.” -Ava

"CeeCoach helps me accomplish my riding goals" -Christine, RW Crew Member, Dressage


“With the CeeCoach system, I have the opportunity to hear my trainer throughout the entire lesson, no matter where I’m located in the arena, no matter what is going on in the background, and no matter the weather conditions. I know that if I’m using a CeeCoach, I will always be able to hear my trainer loud and clear. It also allows me to utilize the entire arena. By using a larger space to train in, I keep my horse happier and healthier. If I can focus solely on my riding and practice the exercises being asked of me, I can achieve more during my lessons, giving me more bang for my buck, and CeeCoach helps me to accomplish my riding goals.

We also use CeeCoach in the warm-up arena, where it can be a bit chaotic at times. Having my trainer with me “in my ear” while warming up, keeps me relaxed and reassured that I have someone preparing me up to the moment I go in to ride my Dressage test. Lastly, we use CeeCoach in our barn to train remotely, as well. My trainer is a four-hour, one-way trip. When I can’t physically drive to her, I can hook up my CeeCoach to my camera system and take live stream lessons one-on-one with her. The CeeCoach allows us to talk in real-time, as if she was sitting next to the arena coaching me in person.” -Christine

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