Tera's Everyday Riding Essentials


Meet RW crew member and barrel racer, Tera! In this sequence of video reviews, Tera provides us with an in-depth discussion of the 5 essentials she and her horse, Hoss, use every day. Continue on to learn more!

1) Stetson Trouser Jeans

First up on my list of everyday riding essentials are the Women's Stetson Trouser Jeans. Trouser jeans are the new "in" thing right now, so for me what makes the Stetson trouser jeans stand out is that they have a true "Trouser" cut, which feature the traditional thick cuff at the bottom as opposed to a “wide” or “flare” leg. Plus, of all the jeans I've tried, they are the most comfortable to ride in and haven't stretched out over time. I personally ride in the Stetson City "S" Stitch Trousers for a little extra flare, but we carry a variety of trouser models on our website!

2) 2019 Women's Cinch Shirts

Next up are the 2019 Women's Cinch Shirts, which come in a variety of prints and patterns. As I mentioned above, I've been wearing Cinch shirts for years, and they're my go to because they're comfortable, durable, and flattering. Plus, as my fellow barrel racers will appreciate, they don't restrict your shoulder movement. I personally love the Striped Weave Green Button Shirt to stand out during competition without being too extra. You can see all of our 2019 women's Cinch shirts here and our 2019 men's Cinch shirts here.

3) Haygain Flexineb Nebulizer

The next essential I want to discuss is the Haygain Flexineb Nebulizer. As mentioned in the video above, this is not a cheap item, but I cannot emphasize enough how much it has helped my horse Hoss with his EIPH (Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage). I think the Flexineb is the best nebulizer on the market - it's quiet, it doesn't need to be hooked up to a generator, and it's easy to put on and safe for your horse. I use mine literally every day! Even if you don't have a horse with a condition as serious as Hoss's, the Flexineb is great for horses with respiratory conditions such as asthma or heaves. You can check out the nebulizer and everything else Haygain here on our website.

4) Total Saddle Fit Shoulder Relief Cinch

Another thing I use everyday on my horse is the Total Saddle Fit Shoulder Relief Neoprene Cinch. Getting the right cinch can be tricky because there are so many options out there, but for me it's quite simple: Total Saddle Fit emphasizes comfort, and I haven't noticed such a big difference in Hoss's way of going with any other cinch. As I mentioned above, I was thrilled to see how much bigger his stride got when I tried the Total Saddle Fit cinch for the first time! I personally use the neoprene model because it's easy to clean, but it comes in a felt and fleece model, too, with interchangeable liners. Click here to shop all Total Saddle Fit, including girths for English riders.

5) Classic Equine Legacy2 Support Boots

My final essential is the Classic Equine Legacy2 Support Boot. These come in a Front and Hind version with matching Dy-No Turn Bell Boots, all with a variety of matching colors and patterns! Like cinches, there are a lot of support boot options out there, but for me I ride in Classic Equine because they fit my stocky legged horse the best compared to some of the other brands. Plus, they offer excellent support for the fetlock joint, which is a high stress area for barrel horses. Visit our website here to see all the Classic Equine boots we carry.

Thanks for tuning in to my 5 everyday riding essentials! We carry a ton of brands at Riding Warehouse, so I hope this gives you some inspiration when narrowing down your selection :) For further inspiration, be sure to check out the video reviews of my 3 horse care favorites, too!
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