Take the Edge Off with Formula 707


Over 60 years ago, John Ewing Company founded Formula 707 to offer horse health products that are innovative, effective, safe and only of the highest quality. With a commitment to research, development and product testing, customers can be assured that they continue to receive the best supplements available to this day. In this supplement review, RW crew members Maddy and Kayla talk about how the calming pellets from Formula 707 have helped take the edge off their overly energetic steeds.


Maddy and Nakita


"Nakita is my 6-year-old Quarter Horse Mare that never fails to keep me entertained, however, the constant energy and attitude can be quite exhausting. Attempting to maintain her full attention for an extended period without her spooking or being distracted is impossible. To relax my very energetic horse, I decided to incorporate Formula 707 Calming Supplement into her feeding routine to see if I could find a solution to relieve her constant anxiety.'

'Before this calming supplement, I had previously fed CBD pellets, which my very picky horse does not enjoy. I noticed that she was not finishing her feed since there would always be leftovers the next day. Nakita was very hesitant to try another supplement, but to my surprise, she was much more willing to eat the Formula 707 pellets. Over about two weeks I noticed a slow improvement in how anxious and hot she constantly was. She has become moderately more attentive to me when asking her to perform tasks while exercising her. Her anxiety is beginning to decline the longer I use the supplement, which as an owner gives me some peace of mind that my horse can focus on tasks without the anxiety.'

'To train and work with a spooky horse can be very frustrating, but I believe this supplement has helped my horse maintain a calmer disposition so our rides are less frustrating for both of us. Overall, I am excited to continue using the 707 calming supplement with Nakita!"

Kayla and Mae

Screen Shot 2020-06-24 at 8.09.44 AM.png

"I decided to give Formula 707 calming supplement a try since my 8-year-old Quarter Horse, Mae can be a little hot, anxious, and spooky at times.'

'When we go to barrel races, Mae gets excited and is ready to go before I am. Even just warming up is sometimes a challenge for us. Mae would sometimes get forward and a little heavy on the bit, with so much excitement that she didn’t know what to do with it. She would spook at other horses in the warm-up arena that were going in the opposite direction than us, even if they weren’t close by. If we went to a new arena she would spook at very silly things, like tree stumps and metal signs that didn’t move.'

'After having Mae on Formula 707 for about 2 weeks, I slowly started to see an improvement in her dorky demeanors. I felt like she was easier to handle, more enjoyable to ride, and wasn’t noticing the silly, spooky stuff as much.'

'Three weeks into Formula 707, Mae was on stall rest with hand walking for about a week due to kicking the fence. When it came time to saddle back up, I thought for sure I was going to get bucked off since she had been cooped up. To my surprise, she was an angel to ride and didn’t try any funny business with me!'

'Overall, the Formula 707 calming supplement is a good product to take the edge off and help keep your horse quiet."

In addition to the calming line, Formula 707 also offers joint, digestive, and daily essential support. Shop Formula 707 Supplements now!
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