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Family-owned and operated, Kensington is devoted to producing innovative designs that enrich horses’ and riders’ lives. Their USA-made 1000 x 2000 Denier Textilene® products are known for withstanding wear and tear while looking and fitting great too! Recently, Kensington redesigned their fan-favorite SureFit Fly Sheet then added the Uviator Fly Mask and Bubble Fly Boots to their line to ensure horses stay comfortable as they are shielded against bugs.

Kensington Surefit Fly Sheet
The SureFit Fly Sheet is renowned for holding up against the most destructive equines, while keeping them clean and protected from the sun and insects as well! The fit suits many different sizes and shapes of horses, with adjustable straps and top-notch hardware that stands the test of time. The updated version of this sheet now offers belly arches for increased freedom of movement, plus a removable tail flap.

Kensington Uviator Fly Mask
Kensington has been making some of the best fly masks on the market for many years now, but the Uviator is a new addition that offers High UV Protective Textilene, known as Solar Screen. Perfect for horses that experience eye sensitivity to the sun, the Uviator mask has a 90% UV rating. These masks are also dartless and have an elastic-lined bottom for a snug fit. The Uviator Fly Mask comes with and without ears, depending on equine preference.

Kensington Fly Bubble Boots
Speaking of sensitive equines, the Kensington Bubble Fly Boots stop stomping due to flies while allowing plenty of ventilation to the horse’s legs. The non-collapsing design is complete with elastic below the knee and fleece trim to keep the boots in place and without rubs. You can even use them over standing bandages for those mouthy steeds who don’t like to keep their wraps on!

RW customer Lauren tested out SureFit Fly Sheet, Uviator Fly Mask, and Bubble Fly Boots on her mare, Talia. Find out what Lauren had to say:

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“The south is known for its heat and bugs - which is why I am so picky when it comes to fly gear for my horse. I have tried a wide variety of brands and styles for my horse over the years. I know many people who purchase fly masks in bulk because they know their horse will wear through so many, so quickly throughout the season.

I was able to try out Kensington’s fly sheet, fly boots, and fly mask. Initially taking them out of the packaging I was thrilled with the feel and quality of the material. They were thick enough to not rip quickly, but still airy enough to allow for breathability in the heat. After a few weeks of usage from all of the items I was still very pleased. Not once did I have to go looking for a rogue fly boot or missing fly mask. When you put them on your horse and turn them out - it stays!

The fly sheet and fly boots fit great and run true to size. My only complaint about the product is that the fly mask seems to run small. I ordered a large for my mare who has a fairly average sized head, but it did not fit. I ended up giving it to a friend with a horse who has a more cob-sized head. She was thrilled with the fly mask because her mare gets runny eyes but would not leave a fly mask on. Her mare has not taken her Kensington fly mask off once!

I would 100% recommend Kensignton’s fly gear to my friends. Their products come in a fun variety of colors and patterns and the price point for each product is super reasonable.”

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