Stevie Turns Passion Into Business

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Are you interested in joining the Endurance world? Do you need advice on the best Endurance gear for Tevis? RW customer, business owner, and Tevis Cup veteran, Stevie Delahunt, shares how her passion became a way of life and an opportunity to share adventures amongst all types of riders. Read on to learn a little about Stevie, her equine background, her business, and her 2019 Tevis essentials.

Intergalactic Equine

Hello! I’m Stevie from Intergalactic Equine. Our Company is ran by our four horses, my husband, and myself, and we specialize in creating epic and fast-paced riding vacations through the more remote and beautiful places of California and Nevada.

In addition to vacation style riding or riding fitness-based weekends, we enjoy introducing new riders into the sport of Endurance. Our horses are quiet, but fast and great for giving first time distance riders a great experience. We also enjoy providing horses for international Endurance riders, particularly the 100-mile acclaimed Tevis Cup.

No matter your Endurance
prowess, we can match
you with the horse, the race,
and the distance you desire.​

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Sly Park ride with Sarah on Sparta, Rachel on Hero, and Ashley on Gilbert.
A Little About Me

Just a quick bit of background on me; I’ve competed in just about every discipline and a few of them on an international level including, National All-Around AQHA titles, FEI Reining, and 2** in Eventing. I have completed the two longest horse races in the world, the Mongol Derby and Race The Wild Coast in South Africa.

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Competing in the 2014 Mongol Derby!

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Scaling rocky cliffs during Race the Wild Coast in South Africa.

I’ve taught natural colt breaking clinics in 4 countries and worked for Buck Brannaman when I was 16. I now solely start horses under saddle, ride Endurance, and work with horses and actors in stunt and media. I am also currently apprenticing as a farrier and enjoy trimming and shoeing for all our employees.

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Farrier life, it's a family trade now.
Other Interests

I’ve competed heavily in triathlons and other survival races, including the world’s most dangerous boat race, The Kraken Cup. I have also run over 30 half marathons as well as taken an interest in trail running.

I even once ran a bakery in Chicago and developed a passion for healthy (and unhealthy) eating and cooking alike! Now, I enjoy horses and sharing my understanding of them and love of racing through the woods with others. I love incorporating good food and good company with healthy living in harmony with nature.

Our company, Intergalactic
, is moving towards
a specialization in horse
and rider communication.​

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Don't just ride your horse; embark on a partnership.
Business Partners

My husband has very similar ideals (probably why we married each other I suppose) and he and I actually met in Mongolia where he was crewing for the Mongol Derby. He has also completed the derby and is an avid horse rider and film horse expert. We offer our employees unlimited benefits, a lifetime employment package, and full retirement options. They enjoy what they do also (yes, I’m referencing our equine employees)!

We truly love what
we do and we love our
employees beyond measure.​

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A match made in Mongolia!
Tevis Ready

The first thing we order for our endurance season from Riding Warehouse is not something that goes on the horse, but more importantly what goes in him. Our horses drink better thanks to Redmond salt products, and trailer happily thanks to Daily Gold. Using these products has increased our horse’s hydration, happiness, and kept them calm, ultimately producing impeccable metabolic results at races. Even our non-competition horses receive these products on a daily basis. The result? Well hydrated, ulcer-free, healthy and happy horses!

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Sparta drinking from the famous Keg of Glory, the Tevis finish line marker.
All horses are sponsored by Redmond Rock Equine and use Daily Gold, Rein Water, Mineral Salt, and Rock on a Rope!

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Redmond makes all the difference.
Tevis Gear

Rider Trish Smith of Australia || Red Hero will be wearing:
Rider Heidi Talbott of Oregon || Sparta will be wearing:
Rider Richard Allen of the United Kingdom || Alexander Hamilton will be wearing:

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Powered by Redmond. Clothed by Riding Warehouse. Fed by Integrity. Ready for Tevis. Intergalactic Equine presents the 2019 Tevis Horses.