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With so many options to choose from, finding the right sport boot for your horse can be challenging. Plus, it's difficult to know just how well the boot will perform until you try them out. Below, RW customer Lauren De La Fuente provides us with an in-depth review of the Catago Diamond Sport Boots and explains how well they performed in terms of protection, breathability, maintenance, design, and fit.


Talia, my Percheron/Thoroughbred cross, has needed new sport boots for a while now. After a few weeks contemplating and researching various boot options, I finally decided to try out the Catago Diamond Sport Boots. I had seen these boots online before and I thought they were very "classy" looking, but they initially caught my eye because they have a different look than most American sport boots. The Catago brand is based in Denmark, so these boots are very "European" in style. Although they come in black and teal (my favorite color), I decided to get white because I wanted to go outside of my “comfort zone” color. I also love the way Talia looks in white.


Talia all decked out in her white Catago Sport Boots


Initially I really did not know what to expect when the boots arrived. From the photos I had seen online I thought that they looked quite soft, but once I took them out of the box I realized that they actually have a very strong PVC outer shell and ripstop outer material. Once I handled these boots I understood that they were made to look nice, be functional, and last a long time. Talia sometimes has interference with her hind legs and occasionally knocks herself. The PVC shell of the Catago boots offers the perfect amount of protection while still being lightweight. This, on top of the leather strike pad on the inside of the fetlock, gives them a high score in protection, especially for a sport boot.


Closeup of the boots on Talia, showing the leather strike pad


Being that these boots have a more “fabric-y” texture, I originally assumed that they would retain about the same amount of heat as polo wraps. I was pleasantly surprised to find that once I took these boots off of Talia’s legs they were not hot or sweaty at all. Typically with polo wraps her legs will have visible minor sweating, but with the Catago boots there were no signs of sweat and her legs felt dry and normal temperature. I live in the south where it gets very hot and humid, so having a boot that is protective and breathable is a lifesaver!


Catago Sport Boots in action! Breathable boots are a must where I live.


Another huge plus for these boots is that they fit a wide variety of horses. They fit my mare Talia, who is a 16.2h Percheron/Thoroughbred with long, thick legs, a friend's 16.3h warmblood gelding with long legs that are finer than Talia’s, and also another friend's stocky 15.1h AQHA gelding. Also, the horse in the photos online wearing the Navy, Black, and White colors is actually just over 14.2h! So yes, while these boots are intended to be full size/one size fits all, the securely designed velcro straps allow the boots to cater to many kinds of legs.


The Catago's are technically a full size/one size fits all, but they're pictured here on a 14.2 Arab cross fitting well


To add to the appeal of the Catago sport boots, they are super easy to clean. One of the reasons I am so hesitant to get white things for Talia or myself is because white items always seems to attract dirt and stains way faster than any other color. However, I’ve ridden Talia in these boots several times over the past week or so and they have remained quite clean. Granted I have not ridden through mud puddles with them, but from riding around through the grass arena they have not become overly dirty and do not have any grass stains.

The inside of the boots did get quite dirty from Talia’s legs (she clearly needs a bath). I decided to see if I could adequately clean these boots with just a hose. I used the jet setting and warm water, and was quite surprised at how clean they became even though I didn’t use soap. I’m sure soap like Ivory dish liquid would help get these boots even cleaner. I always love a boot that requires very little effort to keep clean and maintain!

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 10.33.55 AM.png

Before and after shot cleaning the boots with a hose

Why Catago?

Overall, the Catago sport boots are an attractive, high quality, and well made boot. The velcro on them is strong and there are sufficient straps to ensure that these boots do not slide down, even during intense workouts. Full disclosure, I’m usually not a fan of neoprene lined boots. However, with the breathability I experienced first hand with these Catago boots, I could not be happier.


One of the things I'm most pleased about is the breathability of these boots, as many sport boots are protective but lacking in breathability

I am absolutely thrilled with my set of Catago boots and I believe that they will come in handy for many years to come. I would totally recommend these boots to anyone who is looking for a unique new sport boot to add to their tack collection. They are perfect schooling boots for any discipline! Finally, Catago offers a full line of Diamond products so that your horse can be fully decked out in Catago gear and matching from their ears to their hooves - #matchymatchygoals! Click here to check out the entire Catago selection.

Thank you so much for tuning in! I hope my feedback on the Catago Sport Boots was informative and helps you in your search for the best sport boot for your horse.
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