RW Crew Review: Tera's Horse Care Favorites


In this feature, RW crew member and barrel racer Tera tells us about the three horse care products she uses every day on her horses and why she thinks they're the best of their kind. Tune in to the video reviews below to learn more!

1) Lameaway Horse Care Products

You'll never see me without my CBD Lameaway products. We carry 4 different Lameaway products on our site, including the Wound Salve, Topical Wash, Poultice, and Topical Spray, but the thing I use probably more than anything else is the Lameaway CBD Plus Poultice. I go through the giant 1 gallon tubs once every other week! I've tried a lot of poultices over the years, but I think the CBD really makes Lameaway stand apart. I've been battling soundness issues with my horse, Hoss, for the past year, but I've seen a real difference in his way of going since I started applying the poultice to his legs every day. Unlike a lot of poultices, you don't have to pack on a huge layer (a thin spread does the trick just fine), you don't have to wear gloves, and it comes off super easy with a quick brush or rinse.

2) Draw It Out Liniment

The second item you'll always find in my grooming kit is DiO Draw It Out Liniment. This was recommended to me by a fellow barrel racer, and I haven't used another liniment since. As I mentioned, I have very sensitive hands, and Draw It Out is the only liniment I've found that doesn't irritate my skin or my horses' skin. I apply this stuff everywhere and every day after I ride. It has a very gentle (yet powerful) formula containing no chemicals so you don't need to wear gloves! More importantly, of all the liniments I've tried, Draw It Out has simply worked the best for alleviating pains and reducing inflammation.

3) Yunnan Paiyao Anti-Bleeding Formula

As I mentioned in the video above, my horse Hoss suffers from Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage (EIPH). I've been through the ringer looking for supplements and treatments that help manage his condition without overly medicating. Yunnan Paiyao is the only supplement I've come across that has made an actual difference for his bleeding. Even if you don't have a bleeder, Yunnan Paiyao is a great choice for reducing overall pain and inflammation.

Huge thanks to Tera for sharing her horse care favorites! There are TONS of horse care products on the market, so picking the best choice for your horse can be tough. No matter what discipline you ride, these are some great recommendations that will help your horse perform at his or her best. To see all these products on our website, visit us online at!
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