Rider Reviews: Catago Fir-Tech Recovery Products


As riders, we know how important your horse’s well-being is to you. That’s why we are excited to now offer a new line of therapeutic products at Riding Warehouse! A best-selling therapy in Europe, Catago’s Fir-Tech collection uses a specially developed ceramic material to convert your horse’s body heat into electromagnetic infrared radiation and reflect it back into the tissue. This increases blood circulation and reduces tension, aches, and inflammation in the body.

Perfect for use in the stall, during training, and at competitions, the Fir-Tech line features products not only great for recovery but also performance! With everything from saddle pads, to horse boots, wraps, a stable sheet, and even rider recovery products, Catago’s designs stand out by attention to detail that helps working horses and riders prevent and treat injuries, relieve muscle tension, as well as promote joint pain relief.

Read reviews on several of the Catago Fir-Tech products below!


“I've been using the Catago Fir-Tech Rug on a cold-backed horse for about three months now. I find the horse comes out of the stall a lot less stiff than he ever has and requires less warm-up before we begin our rides. I attribute this to the extra padding the rug features down the spine, as it enhances the ability of the ceramic fibers to reflect the heat the horse generates and keeps him feeling good! I especially love the waffle fabric, it washes well and the hardware is also great quality. I found the fit to be spot on and love the way the rug wraps around the front of his neck. Overall, I've been really happy with this product and am thrilled it has helped my horse!” -Diana, customer


“I have tried a few different combo polos and definitely like the Catago Fir-Tech Combo Wraps the best. Unlike the others, these wraps are less bulky and lay flatter against the horse. The seam on the Catago wraps is also better constructed with both materials being the same width. The ceramic fabric has a unique feel to it, which seems to press perfectly onto the horse’s leg for nice support. The outer fabric has abundant stretch with a hook and loop fastener that can be secured at any position. On the other brands, the closure end must fit into a “pocket” which not only adds more bulk, but also controls the point of connection, which forces how tight they can be made. I definitely recommend these wraps.” -Cory, customer


“The Catago Fir-Tech Dressage Saddle Pad is now my go-to saddle pad for dressage riding. The quality of this pad is superb. I like the entire design of this pad, from its thickness, down to the material that it is comprised of. The thickness of the pad provides enough protection and padding between my horse and saddle, but still allows me a close contact feel without the bulk, which is important for dressage riding. The material wicks the sweat away. When I untack my horse after riding, he is for the most part, dry underneath the pad, with minimal sweat.

The shape of this pad fits well with my saddle and half pad, and is not too long. One of my pet peeves is when a dressage pad has too much material showing between the end of the saddle flap and the top of the dressage girth and this pad does not do that, even though my horse is only 15.2 hands. The contour of the pad also allows a good amount of room for wither relief. My horse moves well in this pad and is overall happy with it. The only downside of this pad is that I wish it came in more colors. I currently have it in black, but will definitely be purchasing the white as well.” -Christine, crew member

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