Review: Soless Helmet Visor


Looking for the perfect helmet visor to accompany your summer look? Professional dressage rider and trainer, Grace Owsley, sheds a little insight on her experience with the Soless UV-Blocking Helmet Visor. Read on to see what she thinks and get some other pro tips to stay protected this summer!


Summer is upon us, which means more daylight hours and longer, sunnier days to spend with our horses. As you plan all the fun activities with your horse on these warm sunny days, do you ever stop to think about how to better protect your skin? I live in central Texas, and I’m out several days a week working with horses and riders, either riding, teaching lessons, coaching at shows, or hanging around the stables doing various things. That means I’m outside in the sun pretty often.


Living in Texas means A LOT of time in the summer sun

The Importance of Skin Protection

You've probably heard it a million times. Wear sunscreen, cover up your skin, and so on. Although I have always tried to make an effort, I honestly haven’t been too thorough in the past. Now I’m learning about better ways to protect myself and I'm really making an effort.

Did you know that UV exposure is
the most preventable risk factor for skin
, and most cases of melanoma
are attributed to UV exposure?​

Aside from the dangerous health risks that are very real, who wants to deal with sunburn or permanent sun spots on your skin? I definitely don’t.

So this year, I have stocked up on good quality sunscreen and I have a nice collection of sun shirts in my closet with UV protection (SanSoleil are my very favorite). I have a few sun hats on hand, but I didn’t have a riding helmet sun visor, so it was time to find a good one.


Getting ready to ride, of course wearing my favorite SanSoleil top, Samshield Helmet, and now the Soless Visor to finish it off!

Why Go Soless?

I have multiple helmets in different colors because I like to change my style from day to day, so I wanted to find a visor that was interchangeable with different helmets. I wanted it to be stylish, easy to use, but most importantly it needed to have good coverage and UV protection.

The Soless Velcro UV-Blocking Head & Helmet Visor fit all of my requirements. With its gold logo, this sleek black visor has an elegant and stylish look, it's easy to take on and off, and it shades my face with 92% UV protection without blocking much of my view.


Side view of the elegant Soless Visor, showing off the wide brim and gold logo

I have tested out the visor riding in both my Samshield Shadowmatt Helmet and my One K Suede Defender Helmet, and it has worked perfectly in both. I am really liking the very wide brim of this visor. My field of vision is good while riding, and it’s so nice to not have to squint my eyes on the super sunny days if I’m not wearing sunglasses. It definitely shields my face from the sun, and I will be happy to avoid the potential face sunburns this summer!


Back view of the Soless Visor paired with my Samshield Shadowmatt. Here you can really see the width of the brim!

Another bonus is that the Soless Visor can be used on your head without the helmet if you need something to wear off the horse. This visor doesn’t work for me in that way because of my head shape. It’s just too big for me, but it may work for you.

Finally, the price is right. At $49.99, it’s not the most expensive and it’s not the least; it’s about right in the middle of the price range for helmet visors but still really affordable. In my opinion, it looks more expensive than it is and the benefits are worth every penny. If you’re in the market for a helmet sun visor this year, I highly recommend Soless.

Things to Keep in Mind

First, don't be alarmed by the clear film on the visor! I first noticed this when I took the visor out of the box. However, after inquiring online, I realized that the film was just to protect it during shipping, so I peeled the film right off and got down to figuring out how to put on the visor. Although it’s super simple to put on, I admit that it took me several minutes to figure out the best way to do it and how to use the clip.

Second, use the safety clip! The visor comes with a safety clip that secures the visor to your helmet. Although I would say it is optional, I highly recommend using it so the visor doesn’t slip or fly off at any point during your riding. Your horse doesn’t need something else to spook at!


Here you can see how the safety clip works and where it connects on your helmet

One side of the clip goes on the short visor of your helmet, then it runs underneath the front part of the visor and clips onto the back of the visor’s front bill. I was concerned at first that the clip might scratch the front of my helmets, but after riding in both my matte and suede helmet styles I have not noticed any scratching.

How to Put on the Visor

This may seem silly, but there is definitely a method to putting one of these on. Here’s what I have found to be the easiest way to put on the Soless Visor:
  1. Put on and secure your helmet as usual.
  2. Get the clip out and attach it to the front of your helmet.
  3. Take the visor and line it up with the front part of your helmet and slide the visor into the other end of the clip.
  4. Wrap the visor around your helmet and secure it tightly with the Velcro at the back of your helmet. It secures onto the lower back of the helmet, not underneath it.
  5. To remove it, just unstrap the Velcro in the back and take the visor out of the clip. You could also leave the visor on your helmet without taking it off if you so choose.

My summer riding ensemble now includes the Soless Visor, and of course my favorite SanSoleil top, C4 Belt, and Riding Warehouse Dressage Pad

I wish you all a very safe and fun summer with your horses. I also hope all of you consider stepping up your game when it comes to sun protection. There are so many options out there to keep you both safe and stylish while giving you the protection you need.

Happy riding!
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