Review: Performa Ride Double Pocket Tights


In this review, Sanoma Blakeley talks about her experience with the new Performa Ride Double Pocket Full Seat Tights! A Tevis winner at just 18 years old, Sanoma has a lot of experience trying different riding gear. Read on to see how she liked these tights.


The Anticipation

It’s always exciting getting something in the mail. Especially new riding clothes! My new Performa Ride Tights were scheduled to arrive just 2 days after shipping. I tracked the package and refreshed the UPS page every half hour or so to know when to walk to the end of the driveway to look for the brown package sitting by the gate. At 11:00 am I refreshed the webpage and saw “delivered”. I ran down the driveway to retrieve my package, opening it on the way up. There were some horse treats included in the box that I opened and fed to the curious horses that were questioning what was in my box as I walked past them on my way back to the house. The horses followed me along the fence parallel to the driveway as I dug out my new riding tights. I was also anticipating what shade of color they would be because there are so many variations of purple/red.

Initial Experience

After getting back in the house I put them straight on even though we wouldn’t be riding for another few hours. They are really comfortable tights and as I was busy getting ready for riding and doing other chores around the house and property, I forgot that I was wearing my riding clothes. Usually, especially in the summer when it is 90+ degrees, I only wear my riding pants for riding and can’t wait to get changed as soon as we get home. With these tights, I feel I could use them as multi-purpose yoga or running pants once the weather cools down.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the tights were the same color as my other burgundy/wine tack. Matching my horse’s blanket, my white and wine Biothane tack set, my brush boots, and even my winter jacket. The nice fashion color looks good and the solid color makes for very simple pants. I would have preferred a different color seam or stitch to make the seams stand out more since they are well-positioned to flatter and it would have added a little more color to the tights, but the simple, solid color looks nice too.

Tested in the Saddle

On my first ride with the pants, I was a little worried about the full seat grip and the seams as those are always what cause the most problems with new breeches, but the seams are well designed to clear any contact with the saddle. The elastic on the ankles and snug fit in the calves don’t leave any extra fabric on the knee that can chafe when the knee extends posting, which is one of the biggest problems I have found with breeches and why I prefer the tights. The cute grip pattern is a nice addition and isn't too “sticky” on the leather saddle. It still adds a nice grip which came in handy when my horse was trying to show off how frisky he was by attempting to crow hop.

I love the tights that have pockets for the phone. In winter it is not a big deal, because I always have a pocket between my sweater, jacket or just shove it in my boots, but in summer there aren’t as many options. I love taking pictures through the ears of my horse and have been working with some young horses, so having a phone along is really important to me. The pocket sizes are perfect, and I never had to worry about losing my phone. The waistband is high enough that the weight of the phone in the pocket doesn’t pull the tights down, which is very uncomfortable and happens with a different pair of tights I own, but it is still low enough that it doesn’t cover your belly, which I really like. The double pockets are nice for competition, one pocket for the vet card and another for your phone. You don’t have to worry about digging your vet card out of the saddlebag, covered in electrolytes, and getting funny looks from the vet as you hand them a soggy card.

Final Thoughts

Compared to other tights around that are similarly priced, Performa Ride tights are good quality and have nice additions, are comfortable, non-rubbing, and neutral/versatile in appearance. The material is nice, especially when working with sweaty horses, dust, and hay. The dirt and hay do not stick to them and brush off easily. They wash well and come out of the washer looking like new again. I am excited to take them out some more and get some miles on them!

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