Review: Confidence EQ Pheromone Gel


It’s not hard to see the signs of an anxious horse: pawing, vocalizing, flared nostrils, loss of concentration, and resistance to handling or riding. If these behaviors sound familiar to you, your horse may be exhibiting an elevated cortisol level. When prolonged, increased cortisol levels can trigger physiological responses like a weakened immune system and digestive issues. Thankfully, there is now a natural product on the market to reduce this kind of stress!

Confidence EQ is a gel that employs the chemical signals that mares release towards their nursing foal to provide emotional stabilization. These chemical signals, called pheromones, are used as a form of communication between animals of the same species to trigger behaviors like alarm, reproduction, territory-marking, and mother-baby bonding. By utilizing pheromones, Confidence EQ signifies a safe, secure environment for your horse in challenging situations.

Available in single-use packets to ensure accurate dosing, this gel is easily applied to the base of the nostrils for use. That means no syringes, supplements, or pills. Confidence EQ takes effect in 30 minutes and lasts up to 2 and a half hours. It’s even competition safe!

A few members of the RW crew tried Confidence EQ on their own horses, you can read their reviews below!