PuriShield: The New Standard in Wound Care


As horse owners, we know that minor injuries are inevitable when it comes to our equine pals. From skin issues to wounds and sores, there are endless products on the market that can help prevent infection and encourage efficient healing. However, you never truly know how effective they are until you put them to the test. Read on below to learn how Farnam Purishield Wound Care Spray outshines its competitors and check out our testimonial from an RW customer.

What is Purishield?

Purishield is a fast-acting, easy-to-use wound care spray. The antimicrobial molecular formula increases white blood cell production at the area of infection, mimicking the body's natural immune response to promote healing and accelerate recovery. This helps to fight infections and promote tissue regrowth while not harming healthy tissue within a wound.

What Sets Purishield Apart?

Not only does Purishield kill 99% of all viral, bacterial, and fungal infections within 5 minutes, but it prevents regrowth of these harmful microbes for over 24-hours. While other products need to be applied 3-4 times a day to be effective, Purishield can be used just 1-2 times a day to promote healing. This handy spray is non-stinging, non-staining, and is safe for horses, livestock, and even your smaller furry friends. Best of all, Purishield won't expire or freeze, so you can be confident that it will maintain effectiveness even after spending the winter in your tack trunk.

It Really Works!

RW customer Fiona gave Purishield a try when her horse Barney suffered from summer sores and it's become her new go-to wound treatment.

"Barney has had a sore on each of his fetlocks for about three months. During those three months, I tried multiple products to heal them and nothing truly made a difference until I found the Purishield spray. I noticed results on the second day of using it! Since it's a spray, it's super easy to use and it has been super effective on the sores. I'm definitely going to keep this on hand all season long."


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