Product Review: Ecovet Chemical-Free Natural Fly Spray


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It’s well-known that bugs are at their worst this time of year, especially in parts of the country like the East Coast. RW customer Lauren De La Fuente thought she had exhausted her options when it comes to bug repellents, until she found Ecovet Chemical-Free Natural Fly Spray. Read on for Lauren’s honest review of this safe, effective brand.


A good fly spray is hard to come by. I would know, I live in the hot and humid low country of South Carolina. Our climate is accommodating to a wide variety of biting bugs - all kinds of flies, mosquitoes, and sand fleas. It doesn’t help that the barn I board my horse, Talia, at is right by a pond. Over the years I have tried my fair share of store-bought fly sprays and have even tried my hand at several home-made fly spray “recipes”. I haven’t been very impressed with any of the sprays that I have tried.

A couple weeks ago I started using Ecovet’s Natural Fly Spray and I have to say, I have been pleasantly surprised with the results. The major things that stuck out to me about this fly spray was that when I sprayed Talia off, the flies immediately fell to the ground (and I promptly squashed them) and after she was sprayed, all stomping and tail swishing subsided. I couldn’t believe how immediate the results were. Typically if I spray Talia off, I notice the flies fly off for a bit and then come back soon after I’m done misting her off. The results I am looking for are just never there with the majority of fly sprays.


To put the spray to the ultimate test, I turned Talia out without her fly sheet to see how bad the bugs were. She was stomping and swishing her tail a great deal while grazing, even I was bit by bugs while I stood there watching her. I sprayed her whole body off with Ecovet and just like that, the stomping and swishing promptly commenced. I’m a pretty big skeptic, so just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke, I stood and watched her for several minutes. No stomping or tail swishing. I was thoroughly impressed. The best part about this fly spray is that you don’t have to soak your horse in it, a few well-placed spritzes of spray and you are good to go.

The only negative thing I have to say about this fly spray is that it has an odd and intense smell. To mitigate having to smell it, I make sure to spray Talia off when she is in her pasture. That way there is air flow and the odor isn’t as strong. Spraying her outside has honestly made the smell a nonissue to me. In my opinion, the odor is totally worth the results of this product. I feel like I adequately tested the value and strength of this fly spray and, in my book, Ecovet fly spray passed the test!


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