Ponies Galore: Finding What Fits


A whole article devoted to everything Welsh ponies? We must've hit the jackpot! Read on as RW crew member and Welsh Pony breeder, Sarah, talks us through the challenges of finding tack that fits and tells about two of her favorite brands in her pony tack collection.


As a third generation Welsh Pony breeder and exhibitor, finding cost efficient, quality tack that fits all my ponies has turned into an elaborate hunt. After many years of hunting, Myler Bits and Total Saddle Fit have become go to when I'm looking for tack that will keep my ponies happy and performing their best. But finding exactly the right pieces was no easy feat...

My Myler Bits Throughout the Years

Fifteen years ago, when I was campaigning my first gelding, Bob, I was looking for a western curb that he liked that was also available in a 4” mouth piece (this was a challenge). After researching we landed on Myler, since they worked with me and made a custom 4" Myler HBT Shank Wide Barrel Comfort Snaffle Bit MB 02 for Bob. He loved it; in the line up and waiting ring side he could be caught napping as he pacified his bit.

Bob Sleeping.JPG

Bob catching some Z's by the show ring

As new ponies and cobs have joined my show string, Myler Bits are the constant must have in my ever growing bit obsession...I mean, collection. In my tack room there is a bridle rack devoted to bits, and I would say 90% of those are Mylers. My Myler bit collection consists of many bit sizes, mouth pieces and ring or shank styles. Currently, my senior Western ponies and cobs are going in the Myler HBT Shank with Copper Roller Bit MB 03 while the junior Western and English ponies and cobs are going in the Myler English Dee Ring Wide Barrel Snaffle Bit MB 02, Myler English Dee Ring Low Port Snaffle Bit MB 04, or Myler English Pony Dee without Hooks with Forward Tilt Ported Barrel MB 36 (from Toklat).

cowboy trail.jpg

Cowboy in his Myler HBT Shank Copper Roller Bit during a trail class

Cowboy .jpg

For English Pleasure classes, Cowboy wears his Myler Dee Ring - P.C: McCool Photography

The comfort mouth technology and the size availability that Myler offers to their customers have kept me loyal over the years. I chose the bits for my ponies based on two criteria: one, do they like the bit (if they don’t like the bit, they aren’t performing at their best) and two, I want the best results with the least amount of bit.

I have put all of my ponies and cobs into
Myler Bits at some point in their careers
and have yet to meet an unhappy athlete.​

Let's Talk Girths & Cinches

The ponies and cobs can sometimes offer a challenge in terms of saddle fit with their short backs, large shoulders, and often wide build. The Total Saddle Fit girths and cinches were a great find, as the ergonomic design aids with proper saddle fit and overall comfort. I have multiple sizes of both the Total Saddle Fit Shoulder Relief Jump/AP English Girth and the Total Saddle Fit Shoulder Relief Western Felt Cinch for my Welsh ponies and cobs.

seth western.jpg

Seth in a Western Pleasure class, of course wearing his Total Saddle Fit Cinch

I chose to invest in the felt to achieve a better customized fit. The felt is breathable and does not get matted when the ponies sweat. The ergonomic shape of these girths and cinches allows for full range of shoulder movement and reduces the rubbing that can often occur around their elbows. One of my favorite features of the Total Saddle Fit cinches are the removable liners. This makes them easy to clean and when the time comes around for a new cinch, I can just replace the liner (money saved)!

seth english pleasure.jpg

In the English Pleasure ring, the Total Saddle Fit Girth gives Seth full use of his shoulders, giving him that beautiful stride

Ponies Expect to be Spoiled...

Last but not least, my ponies would never let me forget the their treats (obviously the most important items for them). While the Mrs. Pastures have been a tack box staple at shows, I like to alternate with a healthier snacks at the barn. My ponies have told me that the MannaPro Nutirgood Natural Low-Sugar/Starch Horse Treats and Uckele Equi Horse Treats are their favorites.

I choose to feed low sugar treats because ponies
are genetically prone to struggle with founder
and Equine Metabolic Syndrome complications.​

More recently, there has been an enhanced understanding of founder and EMS among equines. This has led to a greater variety and availability of low sugar horse treats for owners to feed their equine partners. These low sugar treats are still available in flavors my ponies love, such as carrot, anise and peppermint.

Cowboy Western Pleasure.jpg

Cowboy especially loves his anise flavored MannaPro Low Sugar treats...and he deserves them - P.C: McCool Photography

I think of Myler and Total Saddle Fit products as an investment for my ponies. They are high quality, functional pieces of equipment that look great and last in the show arena. These tack pieces help keep my Welsh ponies and cobs happy and able to constantly train and perform at their best. And the treats, well…every pony has a sweet tooth. Luckily, Riding Warehouse already has a lot of the pony products that I love. Be sure to visit us online to see the entire selection!
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