Oxy-Gen: Building Athletes from Start to Finish

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Oxy-Gen, Inc. products may be something you’ve never heard of or maybe you’ve seen people mention them at a horse show or rodeo but never really looked into them. To give you a clearer picture, former Riding Warehouse employee Jenna explains the benefits of Oxy-Gen and maybe even make you a believer.

About Me:

As a pony clubber that has trained with some of the most reputable trainers in the eventing and barrel racing community, I have been riding horses since the whopping age of four! In those 27 years, I’ve ridden western pleasure horses (very short-lived, I like to go fast), hunter-jumpers, 3-day eventers, and for the past 13 years, I've been riding (and now breeding) barrel horses.

The Supplement Search:

It was right around high school that I started taking equine supplements seriously. As a nerdy horse girl who rode a lot of narrow, athletic built OTTBs, I started to research caloric intake and the right amount of sugars and protein my equine athletes needed. I was always looking for that next best wonder supplement that was going to give my horses the fuel they needed to get around the cross country course and also something to keep them looking and feeling great.

After high school, when I transitioned to the high-performance barrel horses, I was in a similar boat. I needed something that kept these horses looking and feeling their best. I used to give them what felt like 10,000 different supplements by 10,000 different manufacturers a day! There was a joint supplement, aloe vera juice, hoof supplement, weight maintainer, a daily calming supplement, and even cinnamon sprinkled on top. It was never ending! It was about six years ago that my life was, thankfully, simplified.

My stepmom, who was one of the top barrel racers in the nation, began switching her horses to a newer supplement company called Oxy-Gen, Inc. and the results were almost instant. Because I saw these great results, I started giving my horse the Oxy-Gen, Inc. supplements. From their Equine 7 performance pastes to their daily feeds, I was hooked!

Oxy-Gen Mega Oil:

My first and foremost favorite product for the horses that are lacking weight and muscle or just suffering from a dull coat is Mega Oil by Oxy-Gen, Inc.— it is my go-to product! I’ve personally seen so many horses go from dull to glowing in as little as four to six weeks.

Last year I bought a mare that had a lot of potential, but was lacking muscle, weight, and had a poor coat. She just looked dull. I immediately started her on a premium grain and, combined with being ridden 5-6 days a week, she was starting to evolve. However, she still didn’t look as good as I was wanting.

That is when I started her on Mega Oil. I did a comparison photo after around 7 weeks of getting Mega Oil and "the proof was in the pudding"! She looked like a different horse. “Billie” had grown up and out and she was as shiny as a new penny— Mega Oil never lets me down!


Billie Before Oxy-Gen Mega Oil

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Billie After 5 Weeks of Being on Mega Oil

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Billie After 5 Months of Being on Mega Oil

Oxy-Gen Jailbreak GI:

The second product that I love is Jailbreak Paste from Oxy-Gen, Inc. It is a great option for horses traveling to a lot of shows or rodeos. Jailbreak is ideal for gut health and hydration. The combination of ingredients aid in encouraging proper muscle function, proper oxygen utilization, and encourages them to drink water— which is why I love it!

I give Jailbreak GI about two hours before we make a barrel run. For my younger or more naturally nervous horses, it means I usually give them the paste before loading them in the trailer. It puts me at ease knowing that it keeps them calm, helps their GI tract, and keeps them drinking, even when in a new place. This allows them to focus more on the job at hand. I can’t praise this paste enough!

Final Thoughts:

I could go on and on about the benefits of Oxy-Gen, Inc. Products, but instead I’ll just encourage you to find one (or two) that fits your horse(s), and give it a try!

Written by a former Riding Warehouse employee, Jenna lives in Nipomo, California with her family.
With her wealth of knowledge in Equine Supplements, we are so lucky to have her provide her insight with the riding community.

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