New to Classic Equine: Flexion by Legacy Boots


An innovator in horse boot technology, Classic Equine designs products to support and protect equine leg anatomy, hold up to rigors of everyday use, and look great doing it. With a history that includes popular boots like the Legacy, Legacy II, and now the new and improved Flexion by Legacy, it is quite apparent that this brand strives to be a leader in the support boot market. Watch the video below to find out what the new Flexion by Legacy boot has to offer!

Crew member Hannah put the Flexion by Legacy boots to the test. Find out what she had to say:

“The Classic Equine Flexion Legacy support boots are an innovative alternative to the trusted Legacy II boots that so many people love. The Classic Equine Flexion Legacy boots feature the same basic shape as the Legacy II; however, the biggest and most notable difference is the tendon support and strike pad that protects the fetlock area.

The Flexion Legacy boot features small, rubberized cells on the outer part of the boot around the fetlock area to help protect from any interference from the horse's hind legs. Since the strike pad is individual small round cells, the boot is extremely flexible which allows complete and full movement of your horse's legs when under saddle.

Since Classic Equine has now designed a boot with much more flexible tendon support, it allows a much closer and secure fit to your horse’s leg. The tendon strap can be adjusted to where it almost seems like the boots were custom-made for your horse's leg. You will not need to worry about any dirt or debris getting inside the boot when working your horse, whether you are running barrels or roping.

The soft lycra lining provides a comfortable feel against your horse's skin to avoid any irritation while in use. Overall, the Classic Equine Flexion Legacy support boots are a huge upgrade from the past Legacy II design that have been on the market. The unique Flexion technology, secure tendon support, and very lightweight design make these boots my new favorite support boots to use on all my horses.” -Hannah, Customer Service Manager

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