Nettles Stirrups: Bye-Bye Ankle Pain


We bring you an insightful Nettles Stirrups review, offering in-the-saddle testing and feedback on this innovative western stirrup. Designed with rider comfort in mind, Nettles wooden stirrups are a uniquely valuable and aesthetically attractive accessory for your western saddle. Riders with lower leg or ankle pain will benefit from the Nettle's Stirrups Leveler design as a therapeutic alternative to traditional or angled stirrups.


Nettles Stirrups Leveler Innovation

When Cutting Horse Hall of Fame trainer Ronnie Nettles designed the first Nettles Stirrup in 1986, he was focused on comfort for long days in the saddle. Tired of raw shins and fatigued feet after riding a barn full of horses, Ronnie laminated pieces of oak for the material’s natural cushioning effect as well as its durability. With every detail, he took into account how the stirrup would affect the rider’s experience.

Decades later, Nettles continues to craft stirrups built to alleviate rider pain and help balance in the saddle. To relieve stress that can build up in the ankles, knees, and hips, Nettles introduced the “Leveler” to their stirrup line. It allows the stirrup to move both horizontally and vertically in order to soften the ride. The Leveler is made exclusively for Nettles Stirrups and can fit any style within the brand.


Nettles Flatbottom Stirrups with 2" Leveler

Nettles Stirrups Review

RW Crew Member Hannah recently trialed the Flatbottom Nettles Stirrups with the 2” Leveler over a one-month period. The flatbottom stirrups feature a slightly wider foot base for comfort and are constructed using six pieces of laminated oak for extra strength. Hannah and her husband used the stirrups with multiple different saddles and horses, ultimately finding that they allowed their feet to have a lot of movement while riding. Check out their Nettles Stirrups review video!

"Saddles with twisted fenders cause one side of the stirrup to be higher, which in turn cause the foot to tilt," Hannah explained. "After a little time in the saddle, the rider might notice that this unevenness results in pain."

"The Nettles Leveler Stirrup is a great alternative for riders
who find discomfort with traditional stirrups."

How do Nettles Leveler Stirrups work? As Hannah further explained, “the metal leveler allows you to easily change your foot position to where you need it to be. The leveler also takes the pressure off your knees and ankles, especially when breaking in a new saddle or riding in a saddle with a slight twist in the fender.”


Hannah testing out her Nettles Flatbottom Leveler Stirrups

Hannah noted that the Leveler did set her foot deep in the stirrup. She prefers this on her broke horses versus youngsters since she doesn’t want her foot too far in the stirrup while riding green horses. Furthermore, she found the oak wood construction of the Flatbottom Nettles Stirrups sturdy yet lightweight.

"I'd recommend the Nettles Leveler Stirrups
for riders looking for extra comfort
while arena and trail riding!"

Nettles Stirrups are available with or without the leveler option, which can all be found at online at Riding Warehouse. We welcome your questions about Nettles Stirrups options and your own review feedback.
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