Mountain Horse Serenade Boots: Fit for an Aspiring Paralympian!

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Genevieve Rohner is a Grade IV para-dressage rider with hopes to compete on the world stage one day soon. Part of being a para-equestrian, or any equestrian for that matter, is having gear that is comfortable and allows you to perform your very best. When Genevieve needed new tall boots for a clinic with Olympic silver medalist, Adrienne Lyle, she decided to try the Mountain Horse Serenade Dressage Tall Boots. Read on as Genevieve's mom, Lexie, describes Genevieve's experience with her new boots!

Photo above: Genevieve pictured with Adrienne Lyle.
In 2019, My daughter Genevieve won a contest through Dressage Today, Practical Horseman and Vita Flex. There were approximately 847 entries, and the grand prize was a full-day clinic with Adrienne Lyle, Olympic silver medalist. Genevieve was also allowed to invite five additional people to participate in the clinic. Due to the pandemic and the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo getting rescheduled, which required Adrienne to rework her training and preparation schedule for Tokyo, actually setting a date and holding the clinic was delayed by over two years.

For us, that turned out to be perfect timing. At the time Genevieve won the contest, she was riding a borrowed horse. The following year, we had changed barns and she had a horse of her own, Donut, a now eight-year-old Hanoverian. When we finally got to planning a date, she had been riding Donut for several months and was able to ride him in the clinic.

Riding Warehouse was kind enough to provide her with a beautiful pair of Mountain Horse Serenade Tall Dressage Boots, which arrived plenty of time in advance to break them in. Genevieve was very excited to receive them. They arrived in a large, well-designed box that included individually wrapped foot lifts and a durable boot bag.

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The Mountain Horse Serenade Tall Dressage Boots feature premium leather, a forward-placed YKK zipper, and an elegant Spanish top.

These are her first good tall boots, and she loves them! While the boots do not bend much, there is not much of a need to bend them. Walking in the barn was a bit awkward for a couple of days, but breaking them in did not take her too long. We had heard stories from other people about how it can take up to a year to break in some boots. That was a scary thought. She has intermittent leg pain, and as a para-dressage rider, she didn’t want to have to worry about a lot more pain, and on purpose. She was pleasantly surprised that it took only a couple of weeks for her to feel very comfortable.

The sizing is accurate as well. Choosing the size from the chart Riding Warehouse has on the website made it easy to decide, and it was exactly the right fit. Genevieve’s feet were comfortable after the first week. The footbed was the fastest part to be comfortable first, and she said the botts felt elegant. She was very excited to wear them during the clinic with Adrienne. During the clinic, Genevieve rode two horses. The boots were fantastic to ride in and looked great on her.

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These boots also offer an ergonomically-designed removable ShockX™ advanced insole and exceptional High-Density™ outsole.

In Genevieve’s own words: “These boots took very little time to break-in. They are so comfortable and stylish, and they look amazing! I love them!”

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