KONG Equine: Endless Entertainment for Horses


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You’ve probably heard of KONG canine toys, but did you know that there is now a KONG product made specifically for your playful steed? Regarded for producing some of the toughest enrichment products around, this company recently took a leap into the equine realm to bring us a product that looks like the dog toy you know and love, but bigger and made to withstand horsey shenanigans!

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Image from KONGEquine.com.

Determined to offer “high-quality, dependable, and appropriate enrichment products for your horses,” KONG Equine toys are sure to bring your busy-bee endless hours of entertainment. The durable rubber that makes up the equine products, called Zootooth, is natural and won’t harm your horse if ingested. This tough material has an unpredictable bounce when it hits the surfaces around it, adding to the fun (and challenge) the toy offers.

Whether you go with the Classic or Hanging design, these toys can be modified to suit the needs of each individual horse. Fill it with carrots, healthy treats, or even just hay - and use as little, or as much, of each as you would like. The adaptability of the KONG Equine toys makes them a unique option for any horse’s enrichment!

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