Katie Pascoe's Treatment Regimen

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Introducing WPRA Barrel Racer and Riding Warehouse sponsored rider, Katie Pascoe. Katie was born and raised right in our neck of the woods on the Central Coast. Rodeo life has been a part of Katie from the very beginning, with both her grandfather, John W. Jones, Sr., and father, John W. Jones, Jr., being members of the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame.

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Katie giving us a little show around the barrels
We had the opportunity to visit Katie’s family ranch and chat with her about her love of raising barrel horses. After countless races and shows, from futurities to the pro rodeo circuit, Katie has developed a pre and post-race treatment regimen she uses for all her barrel horses.

“I’ve learned that it’s really important to
establish a consistent and simple pre and
post-race routine for all my horses to
help them get warmed up and cooled down.
This also helps them get comfortable
before they have to get in the trailer
to go to the next rodeo.”​

Check out the video below for Katie’s pre and post-race essentials.


EasyCare Easyboot Cloud Therapeutic Hoof Boot
“No matter where you are, the EasyCare cloud boots add an extra layer of protection and comfort.”

Back On Track Therapeutic Royal Boots Quick Wraps
“I use the Back On Track quick wraps on both front and back legs to increase the blood flow and get their muscles all warmed up.

Flexineb E2 Portable Equine Nebulizer
“I really like using the Flexineb Nebulizer on my competitive horses. It helps to get their airways opened up and moistened”


The nebulizer is essential for Katie's pre-race routine

Roma 2-Sided Rubber Massage & Grooming Mitt
“Whenever I have a horse that is a little more anxious, I take some time using the Roma rubber grooming mitt to rub on them to make them feel a little more relaxed before getting on.”


Use the Roma Rubber Grooming Mitt before and after your rides

Horse Hydrator Water Horse Filtration System
“The water out of your horse trailer can sometimes taste a little different to them than it does at home, the Horse Hydrator really helps to remove that funky taste.”

Professional’s Choice Ice Cells
“With so many ice boots on the market; I like the simplicity of these ice cells to be able to just stick them in the freezer.”

Professional's Choice Combo Bandage/Polo Wraps
"I like to use these wraps to keep my ice cells secure."
Sore No More Cooling Clay Poultice
“I love using the Sore No More poultice to put on their legs to take out any of that additional heat.”


JR Streakin Espuela eyeing the Sore No More Poultice
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Katie & Bear Pascoe riding along on their ranch
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