How to Organize Your Tack Space: Quaran-Cleaning for Equestrians


Have you found yourself with a little more spare time than usual? With the weekends free of competitions and clinics, RW crew member Josey has been taking this time to clean out her tack space. Check out this blog for her helpful hints on organizing your riding gear!


Hi, I’m Josey and I’m a neat freak.

I’ve always been this way, and it has only gotten worse as I’ve collected more tack and equipment. It doesn’t help that I compete in a sport (eventing) where one horse has three different sets of saddles, bridles, and everything else. To make things more chaotic for my order-driven tendencies, I don’t really have a tack room at the moment. I am keeping all my treasured gear in the back tack room of my horse trailer, which is absolutely cramped.

With the extra time on my hands courtesy of COVID-19, I’ve been doing a little bit of a purge when it comes to horse stuff. There is a deeply satisfying feeling of only having what you need, especially if those are products you really love. I’m using my time right now to pull everything out, decide if it stays or goes, then decide what I need to buy. The buying is the fun part, but I’ve been trying to adhere to the one-out, one-in rule of thumb for this situation.

Without further ado, I bring you my Quaran-Cleaning Guide for Equestrians.

Vet Kit


I’m starting with my vet kit, because I think it is a crucial for all horse owners to have at least the bones of a good kit. We all know that when it comes to horses, emergencies aren’t an “if” but a “when”. I’m not saying you shouldn’t call your vet out, but sometimes you need to have some supplies for the meantime. Some necessities are a cotton-roll or two, gauze, athletic tape, vet-wrap, sterile non-stick pads, Betadine solution, and ointment. I put everything in a toolbox and highly recommend doing the same!

Grooming Box


Next I’ll go through my grooming box. This actually came with my tack trunk, so I can put it back in there when not in use. We have a ton of different options at Riding Warehouse when it comes to grooming totes, so just choose whichever works best for you. My box holds everything I use on a daily basis including a curry, brushes, mane and tail comb, hoof pick, tack cleaner and conditioner, and scissors. I keep my thermometer in here so I can easily check my horse’s temperature if she’s acting weird.

Braiding Stool


For eventing, we find ourselves stooped above our horses’ necks putting those tedious little braids in. This task means I have yarn, a pull-through, combs, clips, bands, and Quic Braid on hand. I keep everything in this handy-dandy stool because it allows me to be tall enough to braid. I also use my stool as an overflow from my grooming kit, hence the clippers, rub rag, latex gloves, and boot cleaning kit. I keep this next to my stall at shows, so it’s super easy to grab anything out as I’m rushing to the warm-up ring.

Bottle Tote


I really don’t like things loose floating around my tack truck, so I use this tote to keep all of my bottles together. Some of the bottles that I find myself with on a consistent basis are fly spray, shine spray, baby oil, hoof oil, liniment, and WD-40 (for studs). I always put my liniment in a spray bottle so that it easy to apply without getting all over my hands. If I have any electrolyte or calming pastes hanging around, they go in here as well.

The Mighty Tack Trunk


Do they make these toolboxes specifically for equestrians? Potentially, because every single stall at our horse shows has one sitting out front. I highly recommend getting one with wheels and (obviously) the bigger, the better. Even if you don’t show, these trunks are really nice for keeping all of your things in one place. My cherished trunk is home to my grooming kit, bottle tote, bucket of wash supplies, bag of horse boots, a couple sheets, a small stud kit, and MORE.

One of the key elements here is the bag for horse boots. We sell these at Riding Warehouse, and they make life so much better when it comes to organizing your trunk. As an eventer, mine holds dressage boots, open front jumping boots, cross country boots, as well as my quilts and stable bandages. Another important element to the trunk equation is the bucket for wash supplies. Mine has shampoo, conditioner, a sweat scraper, spare curry, and mane and tail brush.

Storage Bags and Boxes

Okay, you caught me. I do have another tack trunk for all my spare tack like bits, girths, old horse boots, halters, leads, etc. I can’t help but have extras, just in case. I also use large storage bags for saddle pads, sheets, and blankets currently not in use. If you actually have a tack room, we have a bunch of hanging organizers that might be super helpful for horse boots, bottles, and such. I don’t know about you, but I’m also a huge advocate of matching bags for show coats, helmets, boots, and bridles.

I know that we all find different equipment necessary, but I hope this guide was helpful in offering some organizing tips for all equestrians. Thank you for reading! Stay strong during this time and try to occupy yourself with organizing if you feel up to it. Hopefully we will be out there competing again soon!
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