Happy Horses, Healthy Coats: Lisa's Summer Essentials


Flies and faded coats – oh, the joys of summer! When the weather heats up and the insects emerge, you can’t be too prepared. Based out of North Carolina, RW customer Lisa Chan has a trick or two up her sleeve when it comes to keeping her horses dark, shiny, and as fly-free as possible. Read on for Lisa’s summer must-haves!

Summer is my favorite season, however, it can be a tough time for keeping coats hydrated and keeping dark horses dark! I have put together some of my must-haves to help prevent sun bleaching as well as keep the flies away! Fortunately, I can find all my favorites from Riding Warehouse.

My top summer product is Healthy HairCare Sunflower Suncoat SPF™ Horse Sunscreen. This is the most effective sunscreen I’ve found for horses and really helps prevent fading. It's also a lovely non-sticky, non-slippery coat conditioner that will repair sun-damaged hair. I use this product at least twice a day.


A year-round favorite in my grooming kit is Absorbine's Santa Fe Coat Conditioner and Sunscreen. This product is my favorite tail detangler and coat polisher. A spray all over and a brush with my Haas Diamond Diva is always my final step in show prep. Santa Fe Coat Conditioner is non-slip, so I don’t worry about the saddle area. It also repels dirt and dust, perfect for coating white socks with after a bath. As an added bonus, it contains sunscreen!

Keeping a dark coat covered with a fly sheet is also key to prevent sun bleaching. All my guys live out 24/7 in a very hot, humid climate. I have found that the Rambo Protector Fly Sheet  by  Horseware keeps them the coolest & fly-free, with zero rubs, and 65% UV Protection. The Rambo Protector is easy to clean up as well by a quick hose off or machine wash. It holds up amazingly to all the playful antics, as I’m on my third season with the first one I bought.


On the topic of flies, another must-have is the Majyk Equipe Fly Boots. I love the open, non-constrictive design and the conservative, yet fun color options. They come in three sizes for a perfect fit and the velcro is super strong but not a pain to get off. A few of mine have gotten rubs from other brands, but the soft binding on these has kept everyone happy and rub-free. These fly boots also offer UV protection! Majyk Equipe has matching masks to go with their fly boots, which are awesome as well.


I think the most important summer staple is fly spray! My one and only pick is Absorbine UltraShield EX Insect & Repellent Fly Spray. This has been my go-to for years and years! This fly spray not only keeps the flies, ticks, and mosquitos away, but it also conditions the coat versus destroying it as most other fly sprays do. It also is one of the only fly repellents with sunscreen.


With all these great products found at Riding Warehouse, I keep my horses fly-free with their coats in tip-top condition during the harsh summer sun and heat!

Thanks for reading and happy riding this summer! For more from Lisa, find her account, @EventingIsHard, on Instagram and Facebook.
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