Galloping Goop: Bathe Like a Pro


RW crew member and Gypsy Horse owner, Micah, has tried a wide variety of bathing supplies. With all those feathers and voluptuous Gypsy locks to clean, she’s a grooming and bathing pro! Micah’s most recent bathing experiment was with the Galloping Goop line. Read on to see why it’s now a staple in her wash bucket.


If you read my previous post on the
grooming routine I use for my Gypsy stallion, Phoenix, then you know I’m always on the hunt for good bathing and hair care tools. So, when we started carrying the Galloping Goop line, I knew I wanted to try it out! All I can say is my wash bucket will never be without them again!

I of course tried Galloping Goop on Phoenix and was very happy with the results, but I wanted to shine the spotlight on some of my other horses to share my full experience. Meet my two victims of choice: Cstar, my 8-year-old bay Mustang, and Jazz, my 10-year-old chestnut Morgan Gypsy cross. Both boys have been out on pasture and were a mess!


Cstar (left) and Jazz (right) out in the field...little do they know what fun times are to come!

Step 1: Degrease the Stains

I started with my half Gypsy, Jazz, as I was excited to try the
Galloping Goop Hi-Ho Silver Equine Toning Shampoo and Conditioner on his high socks and flaxen mane and tail. Flaxen manes and tails tend to have a yellow tint, so I was hoping this would make his color pop. I first applied the Galloping Goop De-Greaser to his dry mane, tail, and socks then let it soak. This stuff is amazing! It pulls out stains and any residue from previous products or for horses with thick features like Jazz. The hair is left soft clean and not stripped.

I did find that the
gel was easier to
apply to the legs while the
spread better in the mane and tail.


Jazz hanging out while the Galloping Goop De-Greaser does its magic.

Step 2: Whiten those Whites

Once I rinsed out the degreaser, I went all in with the
Hi-Ho Silver Shampoo on all his white and white-ish hair. Like many silver shampoos, the Hi-Ho is a beautiful iridescent purple. Okay, now maybe this is just a me problem, but when I use bluing or whitening shampoos, I always dye my arms, fingers, jeans…you name it! I am a purple blue mess! I did not get one spot on me with the Galloping Goop. It rinsed right off me and my horse no problem, without any weird tinting.


Like many Silver shampoos, the Galloping Goop Hi-Ho Silver Toning Shampoo is an iridescent purple.


Jazz's tail soaking with the Hi-Ho Silver Toning Shampoo


The finished, whitened tail!

Step 3: Scrub the Body

While his whites were soaking, I used the regular
Galloping Goop Shampoo on his body. I found it’s best to dilute it in a bucket of water, sponge it on, and scrub the coat with the Hands-On Revolutionary Grooming & Bathing Gloves. This of course is Jazz’s favorite part! After rinsing everything off, I used the Hi-Ho Silver Toning Conditioner in his mane and tail. I had never seen a toning conditioner and love the idea!


Jazz loves his bathing sessions with the Hands-On Grooming Gloves

Now, it was Cstar’s turn. I repeated steps 1 through 3 on Cstar except I substituted the toning shampoo and conditioner for the regular since he’s a bay. Once he was done, I tied him in the shade so he could dry without sun bleaching.


Cstar is not amused by bath time.

As both of them dried they looked better and better. Jazz and Cstar were both soft and shiny, and did I mention that everything in this line smells amazing, so they smell amazing, too? Their manes and tails felt weightless and soft, so I didn’t even need to use the Detangler because they brushed right out. Jazz’s whites looked immaculate and Cstar’s black points were super shiny.


Jazz looking super clean and shiny after a good session with Galloping Goop!


Cstar, looking equally handsome.

All in all, I was super happy with the experience. Each
Galloping Goop product could stand on its own or work together in the full system. For the full selection, visit us online here!


Jazz looking majestic as ever after his bath (before he rolled of course, because that's what every horse has to do after a bath)