Fun in the Sun with Charnelle


Spring has arrived and the sun is finally out, which means that sun shirt season is officially here! Although one can never have enough sun shirts, we do carry A LOT of them. Below, our favorite red-headed RW crew member and distance rider, Charnelle, tells us about the outcome of her recent quest for the perfect cooling shirt.


A Bit About Me

I have had the pleasure of working at Riding Warehouse for over 3 ½ years, and man, that time has flown by! I am a Customer Service Representative and my main role in the company is handling any issues that may arise with an order and ensuring that each customer receives their desired items in a timely fashion. I also get the chance to speak with our customers, help them with any products questions, or just chat about their horses and all the fun adventures they have had with their equine partner.


Me and Monte, my Missouri Fox Trotter gelding

Currently I am an avid trail rider and hope to someday soon get my Missouri Fox Trotter, Monte, further into competitive trail riding. As any equestrian knows, we spend many hours under the sun. As a red-head, I typically have to be careful when working outside, usually soaking myself in sunscreen and making sure very little skin is exposed to the elements. With the hotter weather upon us, I have started my search for some long sleeve cooling shirts.


With my fair skin, long sleeves are a must, even during the hottest temperatures!

My Search for the Best in Sun Protection

As a kid I thought the only clothing that would keep me safe from the sun exposure was a sweatshirt. Fortunately, a few hot rides later, I learned that there are many shirts that have material that can not only assist in blocking some of the harmful rays, but can also keep you cool during those hot days. While sunscreen is still my best friend, I've been using the Noble Equestrian Hailey LS crew Shirt and the TuffRider Taylor LS UPF50 Tee as my go-to's for sun protection. Both shirts provide UPF 50, which means that the fabric will reduce the skin’s UV radiation exposure by 50 times.

I wear both of these shirts at least a couple times a week, either riding, doing ranch work around the property, or just for casual wear. I love how versatile they are! They've held up pretty well on my rides, although I noticed that the Noble Equestrian shirt tends to snag easier than the Tuff Rider tee, so I'll make sure to wear that if I'm going to be riding along thick brush that wants to catch your clothing. While the Tuff Rider Taylor Tee's material is slightly more durable for those rugged occasions, the Noble Equestrian Hailey Crew Shirt's material is a bit softer and stretchier. Together, these cooling sun shirts compliment my weekly adventures perfectly!


My Noble Equestrian Hailey Shirt gets worn at least twice a week.

So what's next on my cooling sun shirt hit list? After careful research, I'm going to try the Ariat Dot Sunstopper Cooling Shirt. I have been looking for a cooling shirt that would look good on the trail but also look stylish even if I wore it doing errands! Plus, I love how it offers mesh panels around the underarms for even better breathability. I'm also going to try the Noel Asmar Speak Up UPF Crew Shirt. This seems like another athletic shirt that'd be comfortable and the trail and would add a little "spice" to my outfit. Feel free to check out our entire selection of cooling sun shirts here.

It'd be a crime to talk about sun-protection without bringing up my DaBrim Equestrian Endurance Riding Helmet Visor. I don't know how I have ever ridden without it! It offers my fair-skinned face the best sun protection, and I've also found it to be helpful for keeping the rain off your face if you happen to get caught in a storm out on the trail.

Charnelle copy 2.jpg

Out on the trail with Monte rocking my DaBrim Helmet Visor

Sun Protection for Monte

Now you know how I stay protected, so let me tell you how I protect my horse from the sun. With Monte being a fair skinned Missouri Fox Trotter Paint, I am constantly on the lookout for products that will keep my boy sunburn free. Right now I apply a thin amount of the Equiderma Zinc Oxide Healing Paste & Sunblock on any sun-sensitive skin; basically this means around his face area. I am also planning on trying the Absorbine Santa Fe Coat Conditioner & Sunscreen Spray around the rest of his body, that will not only help protect him from the sun, but also make his coat silky soft.


That sensitive pink nose requires constant maintenance in the sun protection department!

With our sun protection products at the ready, we hope to see you all on the trail! To learn more about anything discussed here, visit us online.
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