Flex-On Stirrups: High-End Performance and Comfort


The times of old-school stainless-steel stirrups are long gone – time for an upgrade! When it comes to stirrups, there are so many new technologies and features to aid in rider comfort, and Flex-On Stirrups are no exception. Designed and manufactured in France, Flex-On stirrups have a goal to provide a product that enhances your performance through sleek design and optimum comfort.

Featuring elastomer springs that make them among the best shock-absorbing stirrups, rider comfort is prioritized while allowing a more secure position in the saddle through the ultra-grip, inclined wide tread. Offered in aluminum, polyamide, or composite materials, these stirrups are lightweight but still easy to grab should a foot get loose while riding.

With multiple styling options, you’re sure to find the perfect pair of Flex-On stirrups for your activity of choice.
  • Flex-On Hunter H: Most traditional in appearance with an all-aluminum frame and silver logo
  • Flex-On Hunter: Traditional design with minimal, elegant aesthetic
  • Flex-On Safe On: Safety release mechanism on the bottom of the outer branch for falls, eco-friendly black polyamide material
  • Flex-On Green: Value-priced with eco-friendly black composite material
  • Flex-On Aluminum: Original ultra-lightweight design
Hear why these riders will never switch back to their old stirrups:

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RW Customer Cory, riding in the Flex-On Safe-On Stirrups. Photo by Captured Moment Photography.

Cory (RW Customer and Flex-On Safe-On Stirrup Lover):
"I am a person who has definitely believed in the notion: If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.. and therefore, have been married to certain equipment over the years. Recently, however, a friend rode in my saddle and commented afterward how awkward my stirrups felt. Although they were high-end state-of-the-art, at the time… I decided I should probably try some of the newer technologies out there. I finally landed on the Flex-On Safe-On Stirrups as my favorite. Firstly, their weight is ideal: not heavy (as I had previously), but not too light either (that feeling of no substance beneath your foot). They stay solidly put and provide excellent stability. Being an ‘over 50’ equestrian with two neck surgeries, I was very impressed with the shock-absorbing properties of these stirrups. I am quite comfortable landing off large fences and can be in the saddle for long periods without fatigue through my legs and spine. Best of all, I rarely ever lose my stirrups anymore! I used to think it was just me, something I commonly did, but with Flex-On’s angled footbed and gripped tread, my foot stays totally secure and maintains a proper position without feeling stuck. Their ideal weight also makes them easily picked up if dropped, unlike other super lightweight stirrups. I highly recommend. At our last show, a fellow rider wanted to try my Flex-Ons…. She was so impressed, she ended up using them all week, then bought her own pair. Five stars! "


RW Crew Member, Christine, with her Flex-On Aluminum Stirrups.

Christine (RW Purchasing and Flex-On Aluminum Stirrup Lover):
"I have been riding in jointed stirrups for years, thinking that it would lessen the shock on my lower back, but I still always woke up the next day with a sore back, when schooling my horse the day before. When I started working with a new dressage trainer, she recommended I try the Flex-On stirrups, as that is what she and all her clients ride in. While researching them, they didn’t look that different than other stirrups, so I reached out to Flex-On and they explained how they were designed by a doctor to improve back and leg issues. As soon as I tried them, I instantly noticed a difference. I haven’t had back pain, since riding in these stirrups. I purchased the Aluminum w/Incline Ultra Grip and the angle of the footbed, along with the extra tread, help me to sit the trot a bit better than standard stirrups. I highly recommend Flex-On for anyone who suffers from back, ankle, or knee pain associated with riding."


RW Customer, Kayla, with her Flex-On Aluminum Stirrups.

Kayla (RW Customer, Assistant Trainer, and Flex-On Alumium Stirrup Lover):
"I have bad knees which were originally why I started riding in a carbon fiber lightweight stirrup. The traditional stainless steel put too much strain on my knees when I’m riding all day. I was super skeptical in the beginning when trying the Flex-On stirrups, but turns out I love them! The aluminum makes them lightweight enough that I’m not feeling the strain on my knees and the springs built into the stirrups also seem to help. My knees don’t hurt in the saddle and the incline and tread allow my leg to hang longer and feel more secure, which is perfect when I’m riding a fresh horse. Highly recommend if you’re in the market for a stirrup upgrade!"

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