Farrier's Wife: All-Natural Pest Repellent


Wife to a long-time farrier, Jeanne Raede saw a need in the horse industry for a pest repellent that she knew wouldn’t harm her husband or the horses. That’s when she set out to create Farrier’s Wife, a line of all-natural products dedicated to using the highest quality ingredients proven effective for horses. Developed out a true desire to do what’s right for the animal, Farrier’s Wife products are made with attention to detail and, no better way to say it than simply, “love”.

Tried and True: Farrier’s Wife Belly Salve


Jeanne’s experience and expertise come through in each of the products, with the first being Farrier’s Wife Belly Salve. Proven to work in cases of fly bite dermatitis and sweet itch, this handy cream is one that you don’t need to worry about getting on your own skin! Not only does it repel flies, mosquitoes, and other insects but the anti-itch formula also soothes and cools the affected area. Its rapid healing power for open sores and wounds causes the skin and hair to grow back as healthy as ever. Don’t be misled by the name, Belly Salve can be used everywhere from the face to the girth, tail, and legs.

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New to Our Farrier’s Wife Lineup: Stop the Stomp Fly Spray and Hoof Conditioner
Stop the Stomp Natural Fly Spray is pesticide and citronella-free with no poisons or pyrethrins. The water-based formula creates an effective protective barrier by using natural extracts and essential oils. Not only is this repellent environmentally friendly, but it is also cruelty-free!

Another summer essential for your horse care regimen is Farrier’s Wife Hoof Conditioner. Once again, all-natural with no nasty additives like petroleum or artificial colors. This absorbs into the hoof to ensure moisture retention so that your horse’s hooves healthy and pliable even in dry climates. No one likes chipped or cracked hooves, especially your farrier!


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