Don't Just Ride... Perform in New Performa Ride Tops

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Riding Warehouse is excited to share with you the new Performa Ride Tops. These shirts feature a mesh material with perforation that gives the perfect amount of airflow. Listed below, five members of the RW crew share their thoughts on the sleeveless and long sleeve Performa Ride Shirts. Be sure to check out their reviews!

Featured Above: RW Crew Member Brie

"I love my Performa Ride Summer Tech Slim Fit Top. I ride in hot weather and I do not overheat in this top. There is so much perforation in the material that it keeps me cool, even though I like to wear Black. When the breeze picks up, I can feel it come through the top and it instantly cools me down. I do not experience this with other brands. Even with the amount of ventilation this shirt has, it still covers everything well and the Slim Fit design does just that, it's very flattering." -Christine, Purchasing Department

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RW Crew Member Christine, dressage rider, in the Summer Tech long sleeve top.

"The Glacier Cool & Soft Long Sleeve Top really is oh-so-soft! I rode in it on an 80-degree day, and it definitely helped wick moisture away with its ventilation system of tiny holes all throughout the fabric. This top is not as tight in the body as some other cooling shirts, which I personally like more as I appreciate a bit of freedom; however, I did find the arms to still be snug. If you have broader shoulders or muscular arms, I do encourage going up a size! Overall, this shirt has cute colors and is extremely comfortable to do all of your equestrian activities in." -Alison, Customer Service Representative


RW Crew Member Alison, endurance rider, in the Glacier Cool & Soft long sleeve top.
"Lately, I have been doing a lot of trail riding and the Performa Ride Summer Tech Slim Fit Sleeveless Top has been a great option for those warmer days. This top is lightweight and well ventilated which keeps me comfortable and cool while riding. Although this top is one of Performa Ride’s slim-fit cuts, I like that it has some shape while not being tight or clingy. The slim fit and lightweight material also make it easy to layer with a jacket or sweater if the weather gets a little cooler while out on the trail. I think the Performa Ride Summer Tech Slim Fit Sleeveless Top is overall an ideal top for warmer riding days and the style and cut are versatile for riding in multiple disciplines." -Monique, Purchasing Assistant

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RW Crew Member Monique, trail rider, in the Summer Tech sleeveless top.

"The subtle mesh striping on the Summer Tech Top is genius! It obviously has plenty of airflow, but what I was most impressed about is how versatile it is for different temperatures. The weather tends to be pretty warm when I get to the barn around midday, but by the time I leave, it can be a bit chilly. When I wear this shirt, I stay comfortable all day long, plus know that I am protected from the sun with UPF 50+ fabric! The material is soft and high-quality, plus I love the fitted shape. If you’re in between sizes, I would suggest sizing up because of the slim fit!" -Josey, Marketing

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RW Crew Member Josey, eventer, in the Summer Tech long sleeve top.
"The Performa Ride Glacier Cool & Soft Sleeveless Top is the very first sleeveless shirt from an equestrian brand that I’ve ever owned, I usually stick to short or long sleeve mock shirts. I was very pleasantly surprised at how comfortable I felt wearing this. It is extremely breathable and very lightweight. However, the material is not clingy and provides flattering coverage.

I feel like the style is really universal too, and it can be worn to non-equestrian activities without looking like you came from the barn. In fact, I wore this shirt at the golf course with my husband and we went out to lunch afterward and I felt confident and stylish even. The climate I live in is not particularly hot but I did feel that the top was breathable and comfortable. If I lived in a hotter climate, I do think in the summer I’d probably opt for a top with cooling technology over this one." -Brie, Purchasing Department

Brie Performa Ride.jpg

RW Crew Member Brie, western rider, in the sleeveless Glacier Cool & Soft top.
Ventilation, comfort, style, and UPF protection are just some of the features Performa Ride Shirts can comfort you with while wearing. Interested in trying one for yourself? Shop our new Performa Ride Tops online and be sure to let us know how much you love them!

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