Discipline Crossover: The Review

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Whether you enjoy sailing over fences or perfecting your tempi changes, both Hunter/Jumper and Dressage challenge horse and rider in different ways. The vast amount of products on the market can become a bit overwhelming when you're in search of the right gear to help you succeed in your sport. Watch the videos below to see what happened when Hunter/Jumper rider Alisha and Dressage rider Christine compared popular products in the first RW Discipline Crossover!

PS: Be sure to take a look at the lovely equine models and their braids. It was our first time trying out the Quick Knot Braiding Clips and everyone was impressed with how easy they are to use. Check them out here!


Noel Asmar Sustainable Logo Tee: Offering UPF50 sun protection and comfort both in and out of the saddle, this versatile sunshirt has become a favorite amongst the RW crew!

Alisha: "With the trendy style and cooling nature of this shirt, it's the only schooling shirt I own in multiple colors!"

Christine: "I love that this shirt offers a conservative look with the solid color choices, yet maintains a sporty style with the Asmar logo down the arm."

Total Saddle Fit Stability Stirrup Leathers: Uniquely designed with a wide body, these stirrup leathers offer increased leg stability compared to the traditional style. Plus, the offer the high-quality design you can expect from Total Saddle Fit.

Alisha: "As an avid Hunter/Jumper rider, I'm always on the hunt to find tools that support a stable leg position and these leathers definitely do the trick!"

Christine: "The wide surface area offers me security as I'm learning new movements, practicing the sitting trot, or when my horse offers me a big buck."

Romfh Sarafina Breeches: Offered in a variety of colors as well as both knee patch and full seat versions, the Romf Sarafina breeches are popular with all types of English riders.

Alisha: "When it comes to breeches, I'm one of the pickiest humans on the planet ... and these breeches are just right!"

Christine: "I love the fabric. Dust wipes right off so they stay cleaner than my other breeches!"

We hope you enjoyed the first-ever RW Discipline Crossover! Stay tuned for more in the future and don't forget to shop for your favorite products at Riding Warehouse:cool:
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