Dimples Horse Treats: Your Horse Won't Know What You're Hiding!

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 2.03.02 PM.png

Disguising medicine so your horse will readily eat it is a challenge many owners face. What if there was an easy, nutritious way to hide your horse's medicine? Well, here at Riding Warehouse, we recently brought in a treat that does exactly that - Dimples Horse Treats! Made of oats, flaxseed, molasses, and other equine favorites, these soft cookies have a dimple in the center that is the perfect size for a pill. Then you can simply press the sides of the cookie to cover the medication and your horse will think they're just getting a delicious treat. In fact, horses love Dimples so much that they may just become their favorite treat of all time. In the video below, we tested out the effectiveness of the Dimples Horse Treat on a notoriously picky eater, Stoney, who strangely enough doesn't like to eat mints. Tune in to see what he thought!

Thanks for tuning in to our "test run" of Dimples Horse Treats. Click here to see them on our website and be sure to use the coupon code DIMPLES20 to get 20% off your next order of Dimples Horse Treats! Valid through 03.14.19.
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