Dancing Equestrian Sun Shirts: By Women Riders, For Women Riders


We know that sometimes it feels like if you’ve seen one sunshirt, you’ve seen them all. What if we told you that we just brought in a new brand of sunshirts that are not only ultra-soft and lightweight, but also women-owned! Local to California, dressage trainer Tina and her two daughters created Dancing Equestrian to give riders a “fashion-forward alternative that brings together the latest trends with innovative designs”.

Founded in 2021, Dancing Equestrian aims to offer functional athleisure pieces that make you feel as good as you look. While other brands can seem a little “uninspiring”, Dancing Equestrian brings style and versatility to practical equestrian clothing. The ladies who design these pieces know that you want to be able to go to the barn then straight to brunch with your friends without changing, but still feeling comfortable and fashionable!


One of the first pieces we are offering from Dancing Equestrian, the long sleeve sunshirt, embodies this brand’s ideals in a form that any rider will love! Oh-so-soft fabric protects you from the sun while mesh inserts under the arms and on the top of the back allow air to ventilate as you do your thing. Always thoughtful, the designers at Dancing Equestrian even look to mainstream fashion for inspiration when it comes to their colors and prints.

The long sleeve sunshirt comes with a classy mock-neck collar that features the always-important quarter-zip to be adjusted to each rider’s liking. Equestrians themselves, the designers kept seams to a minimum to avoid chafing and rubs. The lightweight and stretchy nylon/spandex blend wicks and evaporates sweat, while offering a flattering fit for riders of different shapes and sizes.

A few crew members and customers have already had the chance to put these stylish sunshirts to the test! Read their reviews below:

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