Charles Owen Halo & Luna: Next Generation Performance


World-famous for raising the bar in safety, Charles Owen has been a leader in riding helmets for over 100 years. From classic styles like the popular GR8 to recent designs including MIPS technology, Charles Owen continues to be a favorite amongst English riders. In celebration of their 110th anniversary, two stunning additions have been made to the CO line: Halo & Luna.

Safety Features: Mind Your Melon

While helmets have become increasingly stylish in recent years, the primary function is to keep your head protected in the event of a fall. All helmets sold in the US must meet ASTM safety standards, however, some companies like Charles Owen are produced to meet additional international standards as well. Nearly all Charles Owen helmets, including the Halo and Luna, meet a triple standard of PAS015, VG1, and ASTM. Although this cannot guarantee complete protection, you can ride with confidence knowing your Charles Owen helmet has been tested to withstand more accident scenarios.

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The Halo and Luna helmets meet three safety standards, which means that they have been tested for more accident scenarios.

Not only does the Halo helmet meet triple standards, but it even features Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) technology. Used by bicyclists and motorcyclists, MIPS has somewhat recently been implemented into riding helmets. This unique technology is designed to protect the brain from rotational forces sustained during a crash. It functions as a low-friction layer between the helmet and the liner, so you won’t even know it’s there.


Find MIPS technology embedded within the Halo helmet!

Halo: Make a Statement

The Charles Owen Halo prioritizes both safety and comfort. Staying true to its name, this helmet features a unique 360-degree ventilation system under the halo ring, allowing for airflow to minimize heat buildup. It also features an anti-microbial, luxuriously padded liner that can be removed and washed. The unique self-adjusting harness is made of sustainably sourced leather with padding at the back that cradles the base of the head for support. A metallic buckle finishes the look that’s perfect for making a statement while training at home or strutting your stuff in the show ring.


Both the Halo and Luna styles come in regular and wide brim options.

Luna: Designed for Everyday Riding

The Charles Owen Luna is similar to the Halo in appearance but is priced to be more affordable. It features the same 360-degree ventilation system, wide peak option, and low-profile look. The padded liner is removable and washable, and the leather-look harness gives it an elegant style. Whether you’re looking for an extra schooling helmet or want to update your current model, the Luna is a stylish choice for any English rider.

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