Brie's Summer Camp Guide

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Anyone else get nostalgic when they think about riding camp? Long days at the barn in the Summer doesn't get much better than that! Today, RW crew member Brie, who works in the Purchasing Department, shares her insights on ensuring that your kid has the best horse camp possible. Tune in as she tells us the riding clothes she'd pick out for her own child, plus some other key essentials, from one parent to another.


If you've ever been to a Summer horse camp, you know first hand what a blast they are! A well run horse camp is a fantastic opportunity for your kid to meet other young horse enthusiasts, learn the basics of horse care, and of course get some time in the saddle. As parents, it's our job to make sure they have everything they need to stay safe and have fun!

Head Protection

Most camps require that your child wear a helmet while riding, and a majority will have a selection of helmets for your kid to use if they don't have their own. However, it's always nice for your kid to have his or her own (and cleaner too).

We carry a variety of helmets that come in kid friendly sizes on our website, but my favorite would have to be the Troxel Spirit Dial Fit Helmet. There are lots of fun patterns to choose from and it will make it easy for kids to differentiate their helmet from others.


The Troxel Spirit Helmet - versatile, safe, and adorable!

Jeans & Tights

Next up, your kid will need a good pair of jeans or riding tights. The jeans especially will hold up because we all know that kids are tough on clothes. For girls, I'd recommend the Wrangler Girls' Q-Baby Ultimate Riding Jeans, and for boys (and for my own son), I'd hands down say the Cinch Boys' Original Fit Stonewash Jeans. Best of all, both of these picks are budget-friendly.

If you're sending your daughter to an English horse camp this Summer, she may like a riding tight better than a pair of jeans. If it were me, I'd send her in the Royal Highness Girls' Knee Patch Riding Tights. These are also super budget-friendly, and they come in lots of fun patterns to choose from.


Whether your kid is riding or just working with horses, it's super important that they have proper footwear that will be durable and comfortable for those long days at camp. A good pair of paddock boots or cowboy boots will do the job. If you prefer a paddock boot, which you'll see more of at English riding camps, I'd go with the TuffRider Kids' Unicorn Front Zip Paddock Boots. These are made of a low-maintenance, durable synthetic leather, and the zip style will make it super easy for your kid to get on and off. Plus, they've got unicorns on them!

Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 11.42.23 AM.png

For the young English equestrian, the TuffRider Unicorn Paddock Boots are the perfect choice!

If you want to send your kid in a pair of cowboy boots, go for the Smoky Mountain Kids' Denver Leather Cowboy Boots. Smoky Mountain makes a bunch of really nice, durable kids cowboy boots in a variety of patterns. However, I like the Denver's in particular because they're made of real leather and will continue to last long after camp has ended. Your child will probably outgrow them before they are worn out!


RW crew member Kayla's niece in her Troxel Spirit Helmet and Smoky Mountain Memphis Leather Cowboy Boots

Non-Horse Related Essentials

Now that you've got the riding gear covered, here are a few non-horse related essentials I'd send my kid to camp with:
  1. A disposable camera to snap photos of their favorite horses and share with the family
  2. A reusable water bottle to stay hydrated in the summer heat - try a Hydro Flask!
  3. Your child's favorite non-perishable snacks
  4. If it's an overnight camp, a picture of the family or even a favorite pet
  5. A stack of pre-stamped envelopes for writing letters, or a journal for them to write about their experiences (great for overnight camps)
With this quick list of essentials, your kid will be well on his or her way to having a fantastic time at horse camp this Summer! Thank you for tuning in, and as always, check us out online to learn more about our kid's riding selection.
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