Blue Pegasos Polyurethane Horseshoes: Reviewed


There’s nothing quite as frustrating as mysterious lameness and when it seems to plague our beloved equine friends, we would try just about anything to relieve their pain. This was the case for RW customer Stacey Chepren when she decided to switch to Blue Pegasos polyurethane horseshoes after battling intermittent lameness issues with her off-track thoroughbred mare. Read the blog to find out how these non-traditional shoes worked for her in the jump ring and on the trail!

I don’t ever want to put any horse in a stereotypical box. Over the years I have found them all to be individuals to some extent. Unfortunately, when my OTTB mare came off the track in late 2017, her front feet were not ideal. She was let down for a few months before I restarted her. During the first year, we dealt with some intermittent lameness issues. I attribute this to a few things and not to just “Thoroughbred Feet.” Radiographs and extensive lameness evaluations were conducted by a renowned equine hospital in New Jersey to ensure we were doing everything right.

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Stacey felt like she had tried everything for Miss Benburb when she relocated to the desert of Las Vegas, NV.

She has been in and out of several types of shoes since I have owned her, in two very different environments. She has been in and out of pads, wedges, worn steel shoes, aluminum shoes, and egg bar shoes. Though her feet did improve significantly after we moved from the wet weather of the northeast and to the desert of Las Vegas, we still found some intermittent lameness isolated to her front feet. I had the good fortune of finding an absolutely amazing farrier who really has her best interest at heart. We continued to listen to my mare and change up her shoeing as needed. Under his care, she was going the best I have ever seen and felt her.

About a year ago, he told me about a synthetic shoe he had started to use with some of his clients. He mentioned that he thought it would be the perfect shoe for my girl. He had done nothing but great things for my horses, so of course, I trusted his judgment and guidance. Enter the Blue Pegasos shoe! What did we have to lose? We only stood to gain. If it didn’t work, we could go back to our usual aluminum shoes.

Pegasos - Miss Benburb copy.jpg

When Stacey's farrier suggested synthetic horseshoes, she decided they were worth a try! Enter Blue Pegasos.

A year later, we have never looked back. This shoe has stood up to the desert climate we have here, and the full workload I have my mare in. She is a jumper who I ride on a regular schedule and competes throughout the season. We also don’t stay in the arena. These shoes have held up to desert trail riding that can include some rocky terrain. And when I stay trail riding, I don’t mean leisurely walks. We do hill work and go on regular gallops out in the desert because my mare is a War Horse that still expects regular gallops. The shoes stand up to that type of use, no problem.

The Blue Pegasos shoes have been a game-changer for my mare, and I cannot recommend them enough! She absolutely floats in them and has not needed anything additional like pads or wedges while she has been shod in them. In metal shoes, we would experience the occasional annoying thrown shoe. Not in the Pegasos. She has not thrown a single one of these shoes.

Miss Benburb - Nov 21 copy.jpg

Not only does Stacey compete in show jumping with Blue Pegasos on her mare, but she also tests them out on the trail.

Many people notice the Pegasos shoes at shows and around the barn. They have asked my thoughts on them, which I’m happy to take some time to explain. Moral of the story is, don’t be afraid to try something new! Yes, it may be different, yes, it may be something you have never seen or heard about, that doesn’t mean it won’t work, or that it’s not a quality product.

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