Benefab SMART Line: Combining Magnetic & Far-Infrared Therapies


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Like any athlete, performance horses may occasionally experience soreness and stiffness related to their job. The Benefab line helps our treasured equine counterparts perform better, recover faster, and prevent injuries. Compared to other similar therapies, Benefab utilizes both magnetic and infrared therapies to offer the latest, patent-pending technology. This line of wearable therapeutic products is designed to be comfortable, durable, and effective while offering modern, sleek appeal.

Benefab’s fabrics are infused with up to 30 natural, lead-free minerals that emit far-infrared wavelengths proven to increase blood circulation and reduce inflammation in the horse’s body. These infrared waves stimulate mitochondrial activity and increase cellular metabolic rates to incite enzyme activity, flush out toxins, and decrease inflammation and pain. Far-infrared radiation has also been shown to accelerate the production of cell tissue for healing or preventative purposes. When standing in sunlight, your horse will feel a soothing warmth because of this infrared radiation, relaxing their muscles and reducing pain and swelling in joints and soft tissue.

In addition to far-infrared emitting products, Benefab’s SMART line incorporates magnetic therapy. The intention behind this line originated with ancient Chinese acupuncture practices by placing medical-grade, neodymium magnets strategically over targeted points. The iron in the horse’s blood is attracted to the North (Negative/Healing) side of these magnets, creating immediate, targeted therapy in addition to the overall increase in blood circulation offered by Benefab’s far-infrared materials. The SMART line includes the SmartScrim, SmartHood, and Smart QuickWraps.

Read below as Riding Warehouse Sponsored Rider Krista Williams reviews the Benefab Rejuvenate SmartScrim, which includes 90 medical-grade magnets over key acupuncture points:

“As a barrel racer, I hit the road hard so my number one priority has always been preventing injuries in my horses before they happen. For my horses to be successful and stay healthy, it is important that I stay on top of their well-being and am a step ahead of maintaining any soreness they may experience while we are training, traveling, and racing. I've always been a magnet user but what I love about the Benefab SmartScrim Sheet is that it includes ceramic technology in addition to the magnets. The SmartScrim is mesh throughout, similar to the style of a fly sheet, so it allows my horses to stay cool while increasing circulation for fast healing. I loved that I could use this sheet for trailer rides and on warmer days when a different material would be too heavy. My horses never sweated under the sheet and the design seemed to be comfortable for them when I left it on overnight. I saw the best results with the SmartScrim sheet by either leaving it on throughout the entire night or if I put it on for a few hours the morning before a race. When used prior to my horses’ workouts, I found that it helped increase circulation to warm up their muscles. When used post-workout, it helped speed up my horses’ recovery and kept them from being stiff. Since using the SmartScrim, my horses have been consistently in the top of the 1D, clocking the same times round after round. In the past I’ve noticed soreness through my horses’ loins after making multiple runs in a row, but this Benefab sheet has prevented that. The Benefab SmartScrim is definitely a must-have in my trailer from now on!”

Another rider review:

Benefab recommends slowly introducing the infrared fabric by wearing it for no more than four hours for the first 4-6 days. If any pain or swelling occurs, which is possible but unlikely, discontinue use and re-introduce the next day. Once your horse is comfortable with the fabric for up to four hours at a time, you can increase the time worn as comfort allows. Benefab also recommends that you use the products as much as possible for at least three weeks for therapeutic measures to take effect. For any questions or concerns about using Benefab products, feel free to contact our customer service team by calling (800)620-9145 or emailing

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