Anique: Meet Your New Favorite Shirt

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A highly anticipated new arrival to RW is the Anique Signature Seamless UV Cooling Top. You might be thinking, good heavens, do I really need another UV cooling top? At least that's what we were thinking. But once we tried it, we were unable to resist the shirt's charms. Below, RW crew members Katie and Sonya provide an in-depth video review on the Anique Signature Shirt, and why it's far more than just another shirt in your closet!


Looking for a bit more? Continue on as Katie and Sonya break down their experience further (with tons of photos, of course)! But first, a quick testimonial from RW customer, Britt Sabbah!

"I love my Anique shirts! They’re perfect for everyday riding and under my XC gear. The fabric is super breathable, the fit is flattering, and the color choices are so fun. My favorite feature, of course, is the rose gold zipper!" ~Britt Sabbah, dressage and three-day event rider


Britt sporting the Anique top in Pure White under her cross country vest. P.C: Kristin Lee

Sonya on the Anique Shirt

I've got about 7 long sleeve tops that I rotate through for riding. They include mostly 1/4 zip athletic tops from brands you'd find at REI, a couple from Noble Equestrian, and of course a few Asmar Equestrian Sustainable Logo Tees. But sometimes it really is true that you don't know what you're missing, because until I tried the Anique Signature Top, I was pretty darn content with my collection.

In my book, so long as the shirt fit, felt comfortable, and was made of something designed to be sweat in, we were good to go. The Anique Top is the first shirt I've ridden in that genuinely makes me feel and look good, in a way that goes beyond fitting correctly and performing the expected duties of an athletic riding top. The material is a big part of this. Most of my shirts are just keeping up with my athletic lifestyle, but this one actually feels like it was designed to support it.

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Usually after running around bathing, braiding, clipping, and grooming, my shirts feel pretty grungy, but the Anique shirt stayed fresh and cool throughout all my barn shenanigans.

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No restriction in the shoulders and arms over fences, even if you're doing an excessive crest release!

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I usually ride alone, so my shirts have to understand that I may spend hours shlepping jumps around the ring and jumping off between courses to re-adjust the height. This is some seriously sweaty business, but luckily the moisture wicking material acts fast to avoid any prolonged moments of back-sweat embarrassment.
While I do ride on the Hunter Jumper circuit, which is filled with all kinds of trends, I do just enough to get by without "standing out." So, it's safe to say that the Anique shirt is the most fashion forward thing I own. And before riding it, I didn't think I'd care much about those "fashionable" features, like the rose gold zipper and feminine shaped seam-lines (again, I've always lived by the "if it fits and withstands my daily abuse then it's a shirt for me" policy).

The material on its own made me feel amazing, but adding in those extra little features left me feeling extra empowered, like I could somehow be super dirty and sweaty and still look awesome.

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Close-up detailing of the Rose Gold zipper, seam-lines, and knit structure under the arms, chest and along your those high sweat areas.

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I was impressed by how well the Anique shirt cleaned up after clipping, bathing, grooming, setting jumps, and riding. However, even it is not immune to slobber stains.

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We live in California, so having the UV30+ sun protection while riding is always a plus (especially if your mom is a dermatologist).

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Ah yes, another potentially beautiful picture ruined by my signature riding face!


P.S - That's me on the right doing my first Endurance ride, and underneath all those guessed it...the Anique shirt! We were camping and the ride started early so I wanted to be dressed for the ride before bed, so I slept in it, woke up, rode for 50 miles, drove home, and after that crazy 30-hour adventure no other shirt would have faired so well.
You better believe that when the Black Swan color comes out in May (because you can never have enough black shirts), I'm getting one. This is the kind of crazy expensive shirt you'd oggle at one of those boutique mobile set-ups on the show grounds, except it's about half the price.

Katie on the Anique Shirt

When I heard we were bringing in the Anique shirts into Riding Warehouse, I'll admit, I scoffed at the idea of a Cooling/UV shirt that is over $100.
I've owned quite a few cooling shirts from different price ranges, and in my experience none have out-performed each other. But that all changed when I got the chance to try out the Anique shirt. It has put all other riding shirts to shame when it comes to its moisture-wicking and drying abilities.

It's no secret around the office that I'm a "sweater." I typically run on my lunch breaks and come back into work red-faced and drenched in sweat. So I thought, if this sun shirt really does what it is supposed to do, then I shouldn't sweat as much in it. Well, no garment on this Earth can keep me from sweating, but I was amazed with how fast my Anique shirt dried. No sooner had I returned from my run, my shirt began to dry and brought a nice cooling effect. Within 15 minutes I was completely dry and able to return to my desk without scaring my officemates with my condition.

After that run, it became clear that not all sun shirts are created equal. Spending a little extra money for a shirt that can perform the way the Anique does is worth it when it comes to how it makes you look and feel.

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One feature I love about the Anique shirts is the long sleeves! The longer, slim design feels like there is nothing there when I'm working around the barn.

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Constructed from smooth knitted nylon fabric, hair doesn't stick to it, ensuring I stay clean even when grooming!

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Sonya was kind enough to let me ride Whale! Thank goodness for the Anique shirt because I was sweating up a storm since he requires so much leg!

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And thank you to Whale, for not dumping me in the dirt.

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Of course, you have to capture a few awkward moments during a photoshoot! Who else thinks Sonya's pose looks like a certain meme?

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I'm not sure if Whale appreciated my snuggles...but it is nice to know that you can snuggle without fear of getting (too) dirty!

Thanks for tuning in to our review of the new Anique Signature Seamless Top! To get your own or learn more, visit us online.
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