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Nutrition for Hunters and Jumpers

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In this feature, Kristen Brennan, RW customer and PhD in Animal Sciences, returns to discuss nutrition principles specifically for hunter and jumper...

Amanda's Stirrup Solutions

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Buying new stirrups can be a difficult choice. In the hunt for a stirrup that would help with shock absorption, RW customer Amanda Chance aka The $900 FB...

Nutrition 101: Basics for All Horses

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Join in as RW customer Kristen M. Brennan, PhD in Animal Sciences and researcher in the field of equine nutrition, gives us a crash course on basic...

Managing the Nervous Horse at Home - Britt's Routine

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In this feature, RW customer Britt Gillis off Britt Gillis Design talks about her routine for...

Why Horse Guard is Lauren's Go To

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In this customer product review, Lauren De La Fuente tells us why...

Review: Pure Sole Hoof Mud

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In this product review, RW crew member Sonya tests out Pure Sole's Hoof Mud on her horse, Caspian. Caspian lives out in a pasture, so things get pretty...

RW's 5 WESA Trade Show Favorites

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WESAFavorites (2).png

Riding Warehouse was recently invited to attend the Western English Sales Association Trade Show in Denver, Colorado. We sent Brie and Christine of the Purchasing...

WESA Spotlight: Circle Y Saddles

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One brand that really stood out to us at the Western English Sales Association Trade Show was Circle Y. Circle Y is renowned for their Western...

WESA Spotlight: Dublin Lifestyle Boots

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We are so excited that we got to attend the Western English Sales Association Trade Show and are even more excited to share exclusive...

WESA Spotlight: Weaver Buckstitch

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For the first time, Riding Warehouse was invited to film at the International Western/English Apparel & Equipment Market! We are so excited...

WESA Spotlight: Charles Owen

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Riding Warehouse recently attended the Western English Sales Association (WESA) Trade Show, getting exclusive interview footage with a variety...

WESA Sneak Peak: EasyCare Fury

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We are so excited for the launch of the new EasyCare Fury line! According to EasyCare owner, Garrett Ford, these are going to be the best yet...

Lauren's Favorite Show Coats for Dressage

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DressageKlea2 copy.jpg

For this feature, RW customer and 3-day event rider, Lauren, is telling us about her favorite show coats for the dressage rider. Lauren and her...

Cory's Favorite Show Coats for Show Jumping

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SJLyra3 copy.jpg

In this feature, RW customer and owner of Oak Park Equestrian, Cory, sheds a little insight onto her favorite coats for the show jumping ring. Cory rides...

Alisha's Favorite Casual English Outfit

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Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 2.56.08 PM.png

As a competitive hunter/jumper rider, I love to train in clothes that are both comfortable and stylish. It's fun to add pops of color here and there...

Sonya's Favorite Show Jumping Outfit

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Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 2.33.27 PM.png

At Riding Warehouse, we strive to live behind the motto, "We Ride What We Sell." This means actually testing out our products at the barn and in...

How to Measure for a Bridle

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When shopping online, sizing for tack can pose a particular challenge, especially if you have a horse that falls in between typical size options. Manufacturers...

Cheyenne's Favorite Supplements

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Check out Cheyenne's favorite supplements! From head to hoof, she's known as the RW "Supplement Guru" :cool:


LeMieux ProSport 3D Mesh Air Pad

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In this review, RW staff member Sonya tested out the LeMieux ProSport 3D Mesh Pad with her horse Caspian. Spoiler alert - this is now Sonya's...

How To Take Your Horse's TPR

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In this video, RW's Jessica tells us how to take your horse's TPR. Taking temperature, pulse, and respiration are the basics every horse owner...