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Probiotics: Healthy Digestion Makes a Happy Horse

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You might have heard that prebiotics and probiotics can help your horse’s digestion, but do you know why? As a trainer...

Kahm CBD for Happier Horses: Renae's Review

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Offering a wide range of possible benefits, CBD has become increasingly popular in the equestrian world. In this review, professional barrel racer and...

Take the Edge Off with Formula 707

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Over 60 years ago, John Ewing Company founded Formula 707 to...

RW Featured Rider: Kayla's Story

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Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 12.28.54 PM.png

In order to contribute toward a more inclusive equestrian community, we are committed to listening and learning from real riders with diverse...

Cambox: The Hidden Helmet Camera

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Back with another product review, blogger Amanda Chance (aka Breed Ride Event) is here to give you the scoop on the Cambox Helmet Camera. This...

Learn About Liberty Work with Sam VanFleet!

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As restrictions are lifted and barns begin to open back up, you might be yearning to spend some extra time with your horse. One way to bond with your...

How to Organize Your Tack Space: Quaran-Cleaning for Equestrians

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Have you found yourself with a little more spare time than usual? With the weekends free of competitions and clinics, RW crew member Josey has been...

Tips and Tricks for Grooming Muddy Steeds

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Does your horse love to wallow in grime? Roll about in the filthiest corner of their otherwise cozy abode? Don’t worry - you’re not alone!

We asked our Riding Warehouse Facebook followers for...

Product Review: Ecovet Chemical-Free Natural Fly Spray

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It’s well-known that bugs are at their worst this time of year, especially in parts of the country like the East Coast. RW customer Lauren De La Fuente...

Bringing Your Horse Back Into Work with Stephen Bradley

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As a champion of the prestigious Land Rover Burghley CCI4*, two-time Pan American Games gold medalist, and Olympic and World Equestrian Games team rider...

Beat the Boredom with Renae’s Riding Challenge!

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With a break in barrel races and rodeos, sponsored rider Renae Cowley created a few horsemanship videos to help you further the connection with your...

Sponsored Rider Exercise: Pole Work with Andrea Baxter

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This time last year, sponsored rider Andrea Baxter was in final preparations for the United States’ only 5* eventing competition, known as the Land...

Sonya's Shift in Perspective: How Quarantine Postponed Her Riding Goals

Review: Majyk Equipe Compression Ice Boots

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Many riders ice their horses' legs after intense rides, like conditioning or competing. Cold therapy helps reduce inflammation in tendons, ligaments, and joints to promote...

Small Things That Make All the Difference: Grooming for Dressage

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As a United States Dressage Federation Silver Medalist, Melissa Gallagher of Ardara Sporthorses knows that it takes diligent care to have...

Helping the Animals We Love: Pretty Horses of Baja Rescue

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Have you ever been interested in helping horses in need? Get the scoop on volunteering at a horse rescue from RW crew member Monique, who worked at the...

5 Things You Can Do at Home or the Barn During COVID-19

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Given the current climate, some equestrians are experiencing more free time than usual, and you might be finding yourself looking for ways to stay busy...

Retiring Your Heart Horse: Truth Behind the Transition

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Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 8.36.58 AM.png

When Maddie (aka “The Blonde and The Bay”) decided to shift her FEI dressage horse Leah into...

Showing on a College Equestrian Team

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Not only is your school’s equestrian team a great way to keep riding during college, but you can also meet and spend time with fellow riders! In this...

FITS Finley Breeches: Comfort Sunup to Sundown

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As an up-and-coming equestrian based out of Idaho, Conner Ann Clark spends many long days at the barn. With a program that incorporates dressage...