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Equine Loin Rubs: Possible Causes & Fixes

Posted on January 10, 2017 in Endurance Multi-Discipline Topics

By Richard Sacks of Equipedic

Loin rubs are a common problem with a variety of saddle pads in any discipline – but choose a discipline where you have friction for 50 or 100 miles, and you have an especially compounded problem. The Ride Camp forum on Endurance.net has discussed this many times every spring and fall. It can occur with just about any pad, but it seems to occur particularly during the early spring and fall/winter seasons when the horse’s coat is changing.

The consensus is that these pesky rubs can potentially be caused due to a number of reasons:   (more…)

Tips & Tricks for Horse Owners: Ideas for Winter

Posted on December 9, 2016 in Multi-Discipline Topics

winter horse care

We’ve collected these wintery tips for you over a number of years of serving horse owners from varied backgrounds. Share your own tricks in the comments!  (more…)


Tips & Tricks for Horse Owners: Horse Care

Posted on October 14, 2016 in Multi-Discipline Topics

Tips and tricks are a treat!  Clever money-saving ideas are a big hit with our customers and readers so we’re happy to share our first batch of them with you here.  Share your own tips and tricks to win!   Just send ’em to social@ridingwarehouse.com and reference this blog post. If we use your trick in a future newsletter we’ll send you a $10 e-gift good for any future purchase! (more…)


Working at a Tack Shop – The Perks!

Posted on September 14, 2016 in Multi-Discipline Topics

There are so many perks as a horse owner working at a tack shop!

1. You get to try on all the new products.

2. Everyone is just as horse crazy as you are.




A Little Girl With Big Dreams in Hunter Jumper Land

Posted on August 31, 2016 in English Hunter/Jumper

One of my many schooling show adventures.

To say I stumbled upon the hunter world is an understatement. I didn’t grow up riding dead-broke hunter ponies, and I certainly never had the chance to show in jodhpur straps.

I started riding through a 4-H group, at the very old age of 9. In my early years, I dabbled in a little bit of everything – from western pleasure and trail riding, to gymkhanas and barrel racing. I rode mainly for fun, but each summer, I would force my father to hook up our rusty 2-horse straight load to our Toyota 4-Runner, and take me to a few small schooling shows.

It was here that I first discovered the english riding discipline. At these small events, they had both english and western classes, and I would watch from my comfortable, western saddle with awe at the muscular thoroughbreds and skilled riders. It wasn’t long before I was finding logs on my trail rides and somehow convincing my 22-year-old Quarter Horse to leap over them.  So when someone at my barn was selling their old all purpose english saddle for a mere sum of $50, I saved up my money and bought it, unbeknownst as to what I was getting into. I was hooked!  (more…)